Join us for Sheena Ryan, the Aussie Prophet, tonight and Saturday, and John Scotland goes to be with Todd Bentley in Lakeland--Pray


Sheena Ryan is a delight! Many were blessed on the first night of her series on "Shaping of the Warrior". Many personal words were released. There much more to come!!!

Pray for John Scotland, our dear friend, called to Lakeland. Here is a note from Gwen C. Lord, soak him, blast him, fill him, and have him take it all over the place, in Jesus' name.

His website is

He has been here with us many times, but never enough:0) We want him back as soon as God directs him to return to Charlotte.

Dear Drink Partners,

The Lord put it on John's heart to travel to Lakeland, today, and to soak in Todd's meetings for the next two or three days. He is personal friends with Roy Fields, the main worship leader, and Roy has secured him a seat--if that means up front, I'm not sure. But, please keep John in your prayers--for an open heaven over him, and for an impartation of the the Lord's glory!

Pray for a safe and unobstructed entry into the United States, as his present visa has expired, and his extension is still in process. Officially, he is free to travel while his extension is pending, but if you get a custom person who wants to give trouble, they don't care what the rules are. So, let's believe the Lord for the right custom official to take care of John.

John is planning on leaving back to Liverpool on Monday.

Thank you for all of your prayers for John and Jean. They are so blessed to have you on their team!



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