Sheena Ryan Tomorrow thru Sat. 7pm!!! Kingdom Convergence Zone Meetings at Activate Church June 23rd Mondays--Sheena Ryan Tomorrow

Hello Dear Friend,

We need strategic directions in these days. God is moving in amazing ways. What is He saying to you?

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Join us Thurs. thru Sat. for
"Preparation of the Warrior"

Aussie Prophet This Week At Activate Church June 12-14 7pm

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Event Info
Activate Church
Time and Place
Start Time:
Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, June 14, 2008 at 10:00pm
Activate Church at Mission Centro
834 Tyvola Rd. Suite 100
Charlotte, NC
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Sheena is on the Pastoral team at Suncoast Christian Outreach Centre, where she has Overseen the Training Department for six years. She has
established and continues to oversee the Prophetic Training School.

She has established two Bible Colleges in the church, and for five years, she facilitated them. She has now released this area of ministry along with the leaders training pathway that she established so that she can
pursue the current season of her life which is increasingly involving ministering in other churches.

She continues to oversee and co-ordinate the prayer ministry, and teach and train in the area of restoration.

Sheena is a qualified counselor [ Dip Couns. A.I.P.C.] and oversees a number of specialist recovery programs. She has worked as a Pastor/counsellor for fifteen years in Christian Outreach Centre Churches.

She has Set up training programmes, trained facilitators for these programmes, led small groups, preached and prophesied in many churches

She has a Diploma of Ministry and a certificate in workplace training.
Sheena Ryan- Pastor, Prophet, Speaker, Teacher

Sheena has traveled the world teaching people about
hearing from God & speaking prophetically into the lives of others. Sheena has many keys that will bring release to people's lives & a powerful prophetic ministry that is recognized by many churches all over the world. She has published her first book, Pathways to Destiny, through Destiny Image Publishers.


Dear Jorge and the Activate/CMM family,

Jorge and Anna Parrot are friends and family to Joyce and I. We thank God for their integrity, their faithfulness, and their lives given over to the Lord for the advancement of His Kingdom on earth. We are most enamored with the love that flows through them to all those they touch. We are thankful to be able to partner with all of you in this season ahead. Bob Jones told us recently that you have part of the vision, but that God would unfold more of it as we walk each step out in faith. This is that next step. Jorge, Anna and the leadership have agreed to allow us to gather on Monday evenings from 7-9 for our Kingdom Convergence Zone meetings. Our first meeting is on June 23rd at Activate Church. You can see more about us at but the KC-Zone meetings have not been updated on it yet. Here are some of what we see as the Lord unfolds the rest…


· Many people have left traditional churches for a variety of reasons-

· Many are unchurched, but do not want to go to church because they have seen more religion versus Jesus in their exposure to Christianity

· The church seems inward and not teaching, training, releasing marketplace priests into society

· Many do not have a global worldview and so their personal problems are a stumbling block to seeing others needs

· There is not a lot of connection in the community with those from different streams, denominations, callings


· Our gatherings will not be a church, but will emphasize the need to gather in all sorts of ways, churches, homes, coffee shops, businesses. People want relationships and the post modern culture wants to be heard rather than be preached to. This will be a place to be heard and ignite other places to gather in His name in Life giving ways. We want to change perceptions on the value of gathering and the pitfalls of not gathering in His name.

· Many do not know what it means to be a King and Priest in society, so this will be an emphasis, and also a place for marketplace priests to share what God is doing in their sphere.

· We also know there are those who have vision and think that they are alone, so we believe the Lord will bring others that He will divinely connect to run with His visions and dreams.

· Many churches are not set up to release the whole Body of Christ, but this will be a place where ministries will be encouraged, birthed and released into the global harvest.

· The Kingdom of God is relational, Supernaturally Relational… We will emphasize agape and relationship over content and doctrinal differences. How can we become family in the midst of different streams, experiences, worldviews. Can it really happen? We believe by His Spirit it can.

We are not sure how this is to happen, what the format is, so this will be a journey, as the Lord says gather. This will not be like church at all, we will have little to no worship with music. This will not be for everyone and we recognize that. Most of our worship will be declaring and testimonies. Because Jorge and Anna are family, we want others to be aware of everything they do, including their church activities and missions. We want to engage as many people as possible to get involved in giving their lives to others. In giving their lives to others, they will truly find the life He has for them. We appreciate all of your prayers and we also look forward to meeting many of you along the journey together. Might as well, for we are His, and we are family!

Advancing His Kingdom,

robert joyce sarasota small

Robert (Robby) & Joyce Ricciardelli - Visionary Advancement Strategies <>< PO Box 410044, Charlotte, NC 28241

Cell Phone Robert: (704) 724-6740 Cell Phone Joyce: (704) 724-6741

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