Help ministry friends in India with their outsourcing: Sales calls, lead generation, medical transcription, etc.

Hello Friend,

Some of our ministry partners in India operate a top level call center and outsourcing link. Check it out at:

Their website explains in detail all of their services. There is a partial list below of their capabilities.

They have years of experience in handling calls to and from the US and many nations.

We have one student who is completing his master's degree through CMMNCCT, based here in Charlotte, and he employs his pastors and ministry students in these operation centers. This supports them in their ministry work, church planting, and education in India.
Please keep your ears open in your daily travels for any possible application for our friends.

They are truly some creative, hard working, smart, and capable workers who love the Lord.

Please give me a call if we can be of help to your contacts.

Dr. Jorge Parrott

Call Center
Software Development

Web Development
Web Hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Personalize Mailing
Data Entry
Data Conversion
Data Processing
Data Transcription
Scanning & Indexing
Electronic Publishing
Payroll Processing
Medical Billiing

Insurance Processing
Consulting Service

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