Udpates From School, Radio Station, Dr. Parrott's New Blog and More!


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Udpates From School, Radio Station, Dr. Parrott's New Blog and More!
Sep 3, 2008

Greetings Precious Friend Of The Most High God,

We pray you are well and blessed by our awesome Father God.
Reports of worldwide revival are spreading as the hunger for God in this time grows and people are expecting and anticipating God to hear their prayers. Where sin abounds, grace does abound more. We pray you are pressing into the Word, allowing the Holy Spirit to fill you and you are a transparent vessel for the Lord, allowing His love to flow through you like never before.

Be sure to visit Dr. Jorge Parrott's new blog at http://jorgeparrott.blogspot.com and subcribe to this free leadership training site where Dr. Parrott writes new "Rhema" words and shares from his library valuable teachings from his many years of experience and anointing.

Also visit our new internet 24/7 radio station, Radioactivate, at http://radioactivate.org and sign our guest book. If you have the ability to record MP3 interviews of missionaries on the front lines around the world, please send them to: CMMarmy@gmail.com

The CMMNCCT College of Theology is launching a new term. If you have an interest in obtaining a US accredited degree by correspondence without leaving your nation, please write to Info@cmmncct.org and request the forms to apply.
Visit: http://cmmncct.org for more info.

We now have a strategic partnership with mPowr.org for micro-enterprise loans. Visit: http://www.mpowr.org/fieldpartner-view.php?f=1217859925
for more info.

Well, we love you and pray for you often. Please email CMMarmy@gmail.com with prayer requests. For school related questions, email info@cmmncct.org

Until next time, be blessed and may your joy be full, in Christ Jesus.

Blessings,CMMNCCT News Desk

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