Now Is The Time To Feed 5,000 Children In Haiti Giving Christmas Joy!


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Now Is The Time To Feed 5,000 Children In Haiti Giving Christmas Joy!
CMM Staff Volunteers
Nov 25, 2008

CMM Haiti Christmas Feeding!
Astrel Vincent Gives Haitian Children Their Presents
Fourth Annual CMM Haiti Christmas Feeding
Let's Help 5,000 Children Have A Warm Meal And A Toy This Year!
Dear Friend of God,

CMM needs your help to feed needy children in Haiti.  Last year Astrel Vincent helped to
give over 5,000 children in Haiti a hot meal and Christmas toy.  For most of these children
it is one of the few times a year when they get any meat and their only Christmas present
and toy.  Imagine their joy and the happiness on their faces! 

Pastor Aster Vincent, himself an orphan, knows firsthand the struggles of living in Haiti. 
Pastor Vincent has a school located in City Soleil, one of the poorest areas in the Western
Hemisphere.  Pray for Haiti!

Haiti was devastated once again by 4 hurricanes and Vincent also needs help repairing the
roof of the school.

Christian Stahl, Charlotte based CMM Minister traveled to Haiti last year to help and was so
touched by God's love being poured out that he will be going again December 18th to
participate once more. If you have a heart to join Christian, contact us at the CMM office.

Visit the CMM Haiti website at:
You can donate online securely at and click on "GIVE".
You can view more pictures on the CMM site, click on Photos.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

All the best to you and your family,

Jorge Parrott
Correll Missionary MInistries/Christ's Mandate For Missions
PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241

Also, visit the new 24/7 missions radio outreach of CMM,

Food being given at Haiti Christmas Feeding
Astrel Vincent Gives Haitian Children Their Presents

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