Praise Report--Brain Tumor Gone and Breast Cancer Gone!! Rut Chamale in Guatemala healed!

From our dear friend Rut Chamale in Guatemala. (Rut in Spanish is Ruth in English)

Hello dear friends!
I really want to thank all of you for your continuos prayers. It`s been AMAZING to see the Lord`s hand on my life.
Last year I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, couple weeks ago I had really bad migranes and then I found out I had a tumor on my breast. the first thing the doctors told me it was that I had to take  exams again because there was a big chance that the tumor grew,  I can`t tell you I wasn`t really worry, in fact as soon as I knew all this, I was full of fear and full of questions. Reading all your emails, the Lord spoke to my heart in a huge way. I had people from all over the world praying for me, so it was the moment for me to be silent, worship the Lord and trust Him.
After I had the second MRI, I received the results and the brain tumor was gone, I sat on a sidewalk and cried for a really long time, there are no words to express my excitment. I still sit on my bed and compare both MRI and cry of joy, after this, the doctor expalined me that I would need surgery on my breast because the tumor was growing really fast, I could feel deep down in my heart 'The Lord will do it again' 3 days later I had a new scan and it was only a really tiny cyst, so I won`t need the surgery.
it´s amazing to realize how this experience made my faith grow and how sharing this, is helping other`s faith!

'I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth'

'yo para esto nací y para esto vine al mundo: Para dar testimonio de la verdad' Jn 18:37

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