Revival Post From Tahiti--Waves Of Glory--Hearts Full Of Thanksgiving!

Revival Post From Tahiti--Waves Of Glory--Hearts Full Of Thanksgiving!
Edualdo and Aline Cicero

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" (Is. 60:1)
Edualdo, Aline, Kori, Erika, Silvio & Benji Cicero
French Polynesia (South Pacific)
Sept - Nov. 2008
Dear friends & partners,
We are in the season of giving thanks to the Lord for His bountiful grace and provision. The Lord has seen us through many challenges and He promises to continue no matter what the decisions of men have been. I realize that out of His goodness on our behalf we are invited to be a blessing to the world around and we pray that Thanksgiving will be more than just an opportunity to celebrate His faithfulness to us but also to those who do not necessarily acknowledge Him yet by providing opportunities to show them how they are loved and embraced through His Son.
Here is a short outline of what I will be sharing in this newsletter:
- Marama Night youth outreach in Papeete
- Benny Prasad's visit from last August (oops! a bit late... :=)
- Aline's students in Moorea
- March for Jesus in Papeete (Nov. 9th, 2008)
- Erika's news from Redding, CA (an excerpt of her letter)
- Praise report and Prayer needs
Each MARAMA NIGHT has a unique flavor! This last one took place on November 8th and was a great mix of many tastes and shades!! The fun part was really there, the fellowship was absolutely tasty and the friendship component was definitely established... Each one of those youth events builds on diversity, free expression (with purity of heart), and quality of performance. We bless the Lord for the opportunity these youth events afford them to share their gifting and their heart to many other youth and adults who would otherwise not be able to be exposed to the joy of having Christ. We need more of that...
If you'd like to have a short slideshow of our last Marama Night in Papeete (McDonald) please go to our blog by clicking on the following website and enjoy:
You may remember that we hosted Benny Prasad Kandukuri from India from Aug. 12th to Aug. 15th. He is a traveling Christian musician who shares, through his unusual guitar and the testimonies of his own life encounters, the love of God with shades of Indian music style to anybody hungry for real life. Benny has been traveling to many other countries since he left Tahiti going all the way to the Solomon Islands et then on a tour to the Americas and the Middle East (see his printed schedule for 2008 below).
We have been blessed with the freshness of his testimony and the great dedication of his heart. His life testimony has been a great blessing to some of the local officials of our nation (esp. the ministry of culture who came in person to meet with him on the day Benny held a seminar at the Sheraton hotel and was asked to play a few pieces of his music).
Benny makes a clear distinction between "excellence" and "success". The latter he defines as wanting to make it in life according to worldly standards of increase and celebrity which defeats the real goal of a believer's quest to please His Lord while maximizing his/her potential for the glory of His Lord.
We have no doubt that his performances were a way to affirm his love for Jesus and open doors of opportunities to witness of Jesus' magnificent ability to change hearts.
We want to thank those who contributed in allowing this remarkable man of God to bless our nation for 48 hours as he was given opportunities to share his life with people who hungered to know more. What has been amazing is to see a man with a weakly health condition commit to bless so many nations (over 170 by now) with his love for God and music and not requesting that any offering be given him and relying entirely on God's grace to supply his needs for plane tickets and hospitality wherever he goes.
ALINE'S CLASS IN MOOREA (a neat project, =)) 
Since August 2008, Aline has been teaching in Moorea (Paopao junior high) as a substitute teacher for a special education class but fairly quickly was asked to take on the one year contract because the trained specialist from France was not going to show up!
Her class, made of 15 students (no angels!!), is a real challenge but a very good one none-the-less for my remarkable best half who is enjoying investing her life into them (even though she feels the stress of it...).
These kids (13/14 years old) are in need of great affirmation and are much more aware of their inadequacies than they are of their potential. So Aline challenged them to invite this great guy, Rai, a local TV star. He hosts a special program called "Djeunes"  (especially designed for teens and youth) which is really popular. Well, she had each of her students write a note to him in spite of their total disbelief that Rai would ever care to come see them on Moorea. Well, guess what...!? Not only did Rai responded to Aline's e-mail but we also met him at the Tahiti Nui Television station in Papeete in order to hand him the letters the students had written. He was sooo excited at the prospect of visiting her class whenever it will work out for him to go!!!  
MARCH FOR JESUS (on November 9th, 2008)
Later than any previous years since 2004, this March for Jesus was probably the least attended. However, it was still a great thing to be able to walk alongside other believers from other fellowships and have a sense of unity in prayer for the very strategic needs of our nation. We pray that the increasing desire for believers to see the unity of the Body of Christ will materialize in many more concerted actions like this one.
French Polynesia has been hit like many other nations with the economic crisis and to it, is added an element of uncertainty as to what the future holds. Right now, there are numerous strikes in the land due to forthcoming cuts on government employees retirement pensions that France should enforce beginning in January 2009. This is a great opportunity for believers to shine and bring Good News of Shalom (peace, health, well being, prosperity, ...) with God through the ministry of reconciliation we've been entrusted with in the name of Jesus.
This is an excerpt of a letter to her friends which she wrote just a few days ago: 
    This is a good one to start with… one of my roomies (the Kiwi) found a gem on our front porch a couple weeks ago! A blue one! And my other roomy (the Russian one) dreamt about our room being full of 'em! Yeeeehaaaa!! I can't wait to find one!
    I assisted to "The Call" that took place last Saturday (November 1st 2008)… I wasn't in San Diego (although we acted like it) but at church where the live feed was going on… POWERFUL! We interceded against the abortion issue (50.000.000 babies have been slaughtered so far in the US). Indeed Proposition 4 went through… amen!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    This year is really hard at times especially when God is working on me… ouch! For example when I judge people by what they look or do… that is totally against the culture of honor here at Bethel! Or when I do stuff without a happy heart, I realize it's wrong (like doing the chores of one of my roommates)!
    I'm so happy I get to have new habits; reading my bible and conversing with the Holy Spirit every day, saying a compliment to the people I run into (it's called "pulling the gold out of someone")… Not to live daily according to your moods but with the Holy Spirit; that's huge!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Concerning my finances, I have noticed that even without a job I can't really manage my time well! Indeed, with school, homework, spending time with God, spending time with friends…: you know, having a life! So far God has provided and I'm confident He will continue on doing it! I got a word of knowledge, it said that I am really "relying on God to take care of me… and He actually is"
    I want to get the most out of this school and not try to fit in spending time with God into my schedule… that would be a bummer!
    Thank you guys for supporting me in prayers and financially!
For those of you who would like to make donations to Erika, you may do so by sending a tax deductible gift to our CMM mission (see more information at the bottom of this letter) OR you may actually click onto our blog ( and make a donation via Paypal online (if you really don't care to have a tax deduction). In either case, please just write an e-mail to us ( or just a note so we know how you intend to send the donation to her and the amount.
If you want to view our most recent family album please do click on the link provided below:
We want to thank God of course for many things but especially:
- for the overall strength and health we've all enjoyed as a family up to now;
- for the provision of Aline's annual contract as a teacher in the field of Special Ed on the island of Moorea (until Aug. 2009);
- for Erika's financial provision (her tuition has been paid in full) for her studies in Redding (CA) at the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry and the amazing spiritual growth she has experienced so far ;
- for Kori's studies in Bogota (Colombia) and that she was granted her visa for 6 months (to be extended even longer);
- for the ministries the Lord has brought to us this year and the blessing they have been to our nation and to the Church;
- for the ongoing opportunities we have to see the Lord at work in healing people's lives (physical healing, witness, answers to prayer, etc);
- for our last Marama Night and the neat experience it has been for all the participants and the many people in attendance;
- for the used car we have since September 1st and how blessed we are to have it.
We also would like to share some of our prayer needs:
- continued protection, good health and provision for Kori while studying overseas (she really needs her scholarship to be released to her ASAP from Tahiti);
- ongoing support for Erika and her studies in Redding, California (until May 2009);
- for our lives to be set on the rock of His heart and revelation in spite of the very rocky situation of the nation (many strikes and continued political instability);
- for our children to have a heart that will be pulled by the Lord toward Him and for their lives to remain open to Him;
- a consuming desire in our hearts for more of God at any cost;
- for the Kingdom of God to be expressed and demonstrated in French Polynesia;
- for a team that will come from Redding end of March 2009 and their impact in Tahiti & Moorea.
We would be happy to know how to pray for you. Send your requests!!
His love endures for ever!
Edualdo & Aline Cicero
BP 40394 Fare Tony
98713 Papeete - TAHITI
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