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Thanksgiving Greetings From The Parrott Family
Jorge and Anna Marie Parrott
Nov 27, 2008

From: Jorge and Anna Marie to all our friends around the world.
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving!
We Thank God For You!  
Dear Family,

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. With all our busy schedules it is so nice to pause and remember all we have to be thankful for, like family, good friends, (even the bad friends:0), co-workers, neighbors, and on and on.

We are thankful for you this day. Be blessed always.

Jorge and Anna Marie and family.
The Art of Gratitude by Graham Cooke
Food being given at Haiti Christmas Feeding

Graham Cooke: "The Art of Gratitude - It's Not Just for the Thanksgiving Weekend"
by Graham Cooke

It's in Our DNA

In all things, we must give thanks. It is part of our DNA as human beings that we be grateful. If I eat a great meal in a restaurant, I want to thank the server and the chef. It's just natural! If someone gives us a beautiful sweater for Christmas, we want to say thank you.

If someone scores a touchdown for our team, what are we doing when we stand up and cheer? We are showing our appreciation. If someone wins a gold medal, or overcomes a daunting deficit to win, we jump up and down. We are thankful to be a part of that historic moment.

"In everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus," Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Intimacy has a voice, and we need to be vocal in our praise and gratitude. Thanksgiving is not just for the Thanksgiving weekend; it should be an everyday occurrence.

I believe that real intimacy with God cannot be hidden. It transforms us. To get there, however, we need to press into communion and praise. We have to live with a heart captured by God.

Appreciation is often a tool God uses to draw us closer to Him. When we enter His presence, He usually tells us something He loves about us. He is very good at being grateful - and we need to follow the Holy Spirit's lead in that.

Thankfulness is the Door to God's Presence

God's blessing should propel us into thanksgiving - our excitement over what He is doing must manifest itself in gratitude. Thankfulness is a test we need to pass every day of our lives. Whether life is good or bad, we always have something to give thanks for.

Many Christians have been conditioned to think that they enter God's presence with prayer. But Scripture is clear that thankfulness is the door to His presence - "Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name," says Psalm 100:4.

Whatever happens, we must thank God for the set of circumstances we are in. I'm not saying that we must thank God for something horrible that has happened - Christians are not called to be masochists. However, we can thank God that He is always with us.

Rejoicing in God gives us the opportunity to hear Him. When we enter His presence with thanksgiving, we open more of ourselves to His voice. When we want to know God's will for a situation, we begin by giving thanks.

Thankfulness Helps Us to Remain Happy

Probably two-thirds of the rest of the world would change places with us in the west - in a heartbeat - no matter how poor our lifestyle. To many, we are rich beyond their wildest dreams. Count your blessings; there are so many things to give thanks for.

If we struggle with being grateful to God for what He has given us, chances are we will be ungracious to people in how we live our lives. It is disciplines like gratitude, thanksgiving, praise, and worship that keep the presence of God fresh and alive in our hearts.

This is a fundamental spiritual truth that can re-shape and re-ignite our personal time with God. By entering His presence with praise, not petitions, we learn how to adore God. Our hearts become full of constant, continuous worship. We are people called to be happy in God; if we don't have joy in our relationship with Him, how can we expect anyone else to?

As a Christian, who would you rather be represented by - the most miserable swine on earth, or the happiest person in the world? This is the very choice God faces! Nobody wants to be represented by someone who is glum and miserable.

Thankfulness helps us remain happy in God.

Graham Cooke
Brilliant Book House

About Graham Cooke: Graham Cooke is part of the pastoral leadership team of The Mission in Vacaville, California, working with senior pastor David Crone. Graham is a popular conference speaker and is well-known for his training programs on the prophetic, spiritual warfare, intimacy with God, leadership, and spirituality. A thinker and a strategist, Graham is also a builder with a particular desire to produce finances and resources to help the poor. He financially supports and helps to underwrite church planting, leadership development, evangelism, and health and rescue projects in many countries in the third world. Graham has written several popular books, including Approaching the Heart of Prophecy and Developing Your Prophetic Gifting.

Graham Cooke's Itinerary:
March 19-21, 2009
Limitless Possibilities
The Mission
6391 Leisure Town Road; Vacaville, California
Contact: or 707-359-2104

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Promotion Title
Fourth Annual CMM Haiti Christmas Feeding
Let's Help 5,000 Children Have A Warm Meal And A Toy This Year!
Dear Friend of God,

CMM needs your help to feed needy children in Haiti.  Last year Astrel Vincent helped to give over 5,000 children in Haiti a hot meal and Christmas toy.  For most of these children it is one of the few times a year when they get any meat and their only Christmas present and toy.  Imagine their joy and the happiness on their faces! 

Pastor Aster Vincent, himself an orphan, knows firsthand the struggles of living in Haiti.  Pastor Vincent has a school located in City Soleil, one of the poorest areas in the Western
Hemisphere.  Pray for Haiti!

Haiti was devastated once again by 4 hurricanes and Vincent also needs help repairing the roof of the school.

Christian Stahl, Charlotte based CMM Minister traveled to Haiti last year to help and was so touched by God's love being poured out that he will be going again December 18th to participate once more. If you have a heart to join Christian, contact us at the CMM office.

Visit the CMM Haiti website at:
You can donate online securely at and click on "GIVE".
You can view more pictures on the CMM site, click on Photos.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

All the best to you and your family,

Jorge Parrott
Correll Missionary MInistries/Christ's Mandate For Missions
PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241

Also, visit the new 24/7 missions radio outreach of CMM,

Food being given at Haiti Christmas Feeding
Anna Marie just got back from the Philippines where she taught twice a day in our school in Laoag City, in the north, and spoke in a different church every night. She was there for the Anniversary Celebration of CMMP and CMBI. The Filipinos are a delightful people and epitomize hospitality to all guests. You can view pictures of her trip by
clicking here.

Anna had worked behind a desk for 15 years and was ready for a change. In June she  began working for Morningstar Church in the kitchen sharing her great cooking gifts Vi with many from around the world. We now live in a VIP suite at the HIM hotel at the old PTL grounds in Ft. Mill, SC. We love it and look forward to more travel and more time overseas.

Orion is happy living in Sacramento, CA changing jobs and working for a wind energy company as an engineer. He loves CA.

Matthew still works for George Lucas, but a different company, Industrial Light and Magic. He has had several promotions and breakthroughs as Technical Art Director and now works on games, movies, and TV.

Jonathan is doing well helping out at CMM with great graphics, website design. Check out our radio station website, (made by Jonathan) and global missions radio at
Jonathan has just started a new job at Shutterfly designing family and children photo books.

Jorge is busy overseeing CMM worldwide, CMMNCCT College with 20 students locally and some overseas. After a few years away from the real estate market, Jorge is now preparing to re-enter the market, but in a different way, during the current economic downturn. Jorge also is pastor of Activate Church in Charlotte.  Jorge hopes to finish writing a book in 2009. You can view updates at and click on 'Fresh Reports' and 'Director'.

You can view many photos of the family and trips by clicking here.

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