Come Up Here by Jorge Parrott


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Come Up Here by Jorge Parrott
Jorge Parrott
Dec 7, 2008


Come Up Here
by Jorge Parro


The Secret Place Awaits


The world rushes toward darkness. God sent us, His ambassadors of light, here to bring radical change, a reversal of the doom. Piercing through the veil of space and time, Jesus came to show another way, a way of peace. Peace that overcomes our enemies, with a way of reconciliation, bringing the wayward home to the Father of Lights. The lights are hanging out for all to see, but do we see? Does the world see the lights?

Now, we see the economy fade and falter. We shall have no God but the one true God, not mammon. Money is a tool for increasing Kingdom ways, not man's self interest and greed. Have we been wise stewards? Greed is a form of pride. Impatience is a form of immaturity. God's love is ever patient always pointing to restoration. There is still time and much grace abounds, for now. God's economy knows no lack or shortage of that which is holy. Heaven only knows multiplication and addition, light casting out dark.

God is waiting for us to discover on our own that He is more than enough, way, way more than enough. His love can take the five loaves and two fishes and feed the five thousand. He wants us to desire intimacy with Him over material distractions or friends with money. We hear the masses crying for help and support but we miss hearing God saying, "Come up here." We miss the shofar preparing the warriors for battle as in Isaiah 2, "Come, let's go up to the mountain of the Lord and He will teach us His ways."  Jesus 'bailed us out' on the cross, once and for all.

His rest is beyond the anxiety and fretfulness. His rest gives rest, truly. We have to stop and breathe awhile to hear His heartbeat. We have to take charge of our thoughts to slow the rambling wants and 'rabbit trails' in the battle field of the mind, like a little child running from this 'shiny' passion to that 'glittering' passion, forgetting His passion, which is to win the lost. His passion, perhaps even higher, is to know Him and be known by Him. We do this when we run and play with the Lover of our Soul in the fields of forgotten worries. "Dance, dance, dance, My child, for I am with you, now and forever, dance," the Spirit implores. He never stops saying, "Come up here." He is a delight and He delights in you.

He loves to surprise us and we often find while we are "away with our beloved" that He is working behind the scenes on our earthly needs, and when we come back from the secret place, we say, "Whoa!" His mercy endures forever. While we were swept away in that intimate bliss with the King, He brought clarity and resolution to our dilemma.  Matthew 6:33, "Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."

Father, forgive us, we know not what we do. "Daddy, can we go back to the secret place now?" He bends to whisper in our ear, "In a heartbeat, My precious child, breathe deep, you are here with Me now, and all is well with your soul. My peace makes you whole."

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