Elijah House Training Coming To Activate Church in 2009

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful time we had last night at the Christmas party. Bless you all.

 Please let Jorge or Anna Marie know if you have a desire in taking this training.

Elijah House Training Coming To Activate!
Let the Healing Begin
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  Dear Friend of The Lord,

Do you want to experience greater fullness in the Lord?
For years many folks around the world have experienced the healing, liberating, and freedom found in the work of Elijah House, begun by John and Paula Sandford. Now, you have an opportunity to walk in greater fullness of the joy of the Lord.

We invite you to step into greater fullness.
What Is Involved?

Family PhotoWhat is involved? 

Thank you for your interest in the Elijah House School. Here is more information regarding the course, the cost of the course will be $139 for the workbook and registration, the shipping of the workbook is not included and then a $75 facilitator fee, which can be paid up front, or $12.50 per session (total of six sessions).  If there is a husband and wife taking the course together they could share there workbook and that would bring the cost down of one workbook.  




Course Descrption

Husband, Wife and ChildCourse Description

Course Description:

·         Orientation & Closure                                                          =  2 hours

·         24 Lectures @ approximately 1 hours                                 =  24 hours

·         3 Prayer ministry Demos @ approximately 1 ½  hours       =  4 ½ hours

·         9 Small Group Sessions @ approximately 2 hours              =  18 hours

·         Homework Assignments @ teacher's discretion

·         Total Hours of Basic 1 Instruction & Practical Experience  =55 hours


Major areas of teaching:

Scriptural Foundations of Ministry

These lessons focus on renewal of the mind with God's truth and principals of the inner healing process.

Elements of Ministry

            Primarily focus on learning basic skills in using the gifts that God gives us to do His Ministry.

Keys of Knowledge for Healing the Heart

            Focuses on "unlocking the doors of our heart" to bring healing, repentance, reconciliationand inner transformation to the "unbelieving areas of the believer's heart."




School Vision:

In keeping with the Elijah House mission in Malachi 4:5-6 of "turning the hearts of the father to the children, and the hearts of the children to their father," the vision for the school is to equip, encourage and release "Ambassadors for Christ" (II Cor. 5:18-20). We work through the Holy Spirit to restore broken, hurting hearts and reconcile relationships.


School Goals:

-          To provide students with a clear view of Christ-centered Inner Healing (Sanctification and Transformation) and its foundations in Scripture.

-          To teach, model, and provide opportunity to practice in:

-          Ministry to one another according to the Word of God, in the power and sensitivity of Christ through His Holy Spirit.

-          Bringing to death on the Cross and bringing to life in Christ as fundamental elements of the healing process

-          Prayer in healing ministry

-          Applying the essential scriptural elements of healing: confession, forgiveness, and repentance.

-          Recognizing and understanding common problems and patterns of difficulty in people's lives and identifying wounds and roots of bitterness (tracking from fruit to root).

-          Listening and discerning the Holy Spirit's direction in healing ministry.

-          Basic ministry skills: interviewing, active listening, prayer, and small group dynamics.

-          Sharing God's unconditional love in healing relationships.


     To offer students the opportunity to experience personal healing through small group ministry from their peers (and in other settings, as the Lord leads) in order to prepare students for ministry to others.


      To provide a safe setting for building relationships, learning, and ministry.



I believe that Biblical Psychology is a good tool, but if not tempered with love, it is of no use. My greatest desire is that the love of the Lord would be released to the students during the course that my husband and I will be facilitating. In closing, I have included a letter written to students from the Elijah House Staff:

Dear Student... 
Welcome to this Elijah House training program. We pray that the Lord has brought all those He has purposed to study this course. We are aware that some of you have come under some intense attack by deciding to begin this training. Sometimes when we move toward health and wholeness or advancement of the Kingdom, the enemy quickly tries to frustrate our plans. But take courage - no weapon formed against you shall prosper! As you study to show yourself a workman rightly handling the word of truth, we trust that God will protect health, travel, business, family members and even possessions. We are confident that, as you seek to serve Him, Jesus will meet you and grant all your needs. 
As a result of this training, you will be equipped with some powerful tools in order to better serve the Lord and His church. It is also our heartfelt prayer that you will be touched in a very deep and personal way. We have seen again and again how powerfully those who experience transformation themselves are able to share what they have received. 
May His peace and blessing be with each one of you throughout this training period. 
In Christ's Service, 
The Elijah House Staff 

****Please let Jorge and Sandra know if you have an interest in taking this course very soon. 

Call Jorge at 704-517-2557 or email officecmm@gmail.com




Sandra Brinkley

Jorge Parrott
Correll Missionary Ministries/Activate Church

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