[Dominican Republic--Veronica Freites] Stay at the DR Resort House! Minister to the hungry and poor--get with God!


Hope all is well with everyone,

Sorry that I have not being keeping in touch as much as I would like to. Summer is almost here and I know many of you are traveling, please see if the Mission field and the Dominican Republic could become your vacation spot. We are experiencing revival in our churches, we are seeing the glory of God manifested in the youth especially. They are coming out of the woodwork into the churches. It is one of the greatest moves of GOD that I have ever witnessed. Some of the youth play baseball and are in dire need of baseball equipment. Pastor David from North Carolina sent lots of equipment last year, which we gave out, but we need a lot more. So if you can get your hands on any sort of baseball equipment, e.g. bats, balls, hats, pants, and T-shirts, we need it. Remember Dominicans make good baseball players, maybe one of this children can be the next David Ortiz!!

One of the kids we gave the hats and balls to asked me: Pastor Veronica, why do people in the States help us get all this equipment if they don't know us? I said because they love you and they want you to know Jesus and be the best you can be. Then he went on to tell me his shoe size!!

Be blessed,


Posted By CMM at Mission Centro to Dominican Republic--Veronica Freites at 2/24/2009 09:18:00 AM

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