Report and the Pictures from Pakistan 2008--Touch the hearts Oh God! Change hearts to know you God.


Please pray about supporting in prayer and giving our new CMM missionary in Pakistan. We call her Gul Jee. She is a precious woman of God with a heart for the people of Pakistan. You can pray for her and let God lead you how to pray and so forth. Read her story and ask God for lost souls in Pakistan to know the love of God.

If you are led to support her send in your gifts to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. If you want to go and visit her, contact the office for more info.

                     Gospel of Heaven Ministry Pakistan

                                       Report 2008


Poor Christian Widows:-

I met some of the poor Christian Widows. Who are very poor, helpless, needy, homeless, and stressed. I became worried when I saw the happy Women were changed in to the widows and rejected by their in-laws. They were being kicked out with their children. In the result they had to move and had to live in the rented houses. They had not their own home, they have pay for the rented. They are crying and begging for the help.

I personally met the precious widows who are earning and working their selves for their children. They are nourishing their sick and disable children. I desire to help and I want to open  Women Center in Pakistan for the persecute Women.  


I request to you and CMM that please look over these persecute, hopeless, effected, poor, persecute Precious women. And help them by your prayers and with your finance.


Here is some pictures.


Hope you will like.


Evangelist Gulnaz Sardar


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