Report of New Creation Salvation in India


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Report of New Creation Salvation in India
Jai Mallipudi
Feb 7, 2009

Dear Friend of God,

1. Pray for Clifford Grant in Guatemala as he goes for tests on the lump in his chest on Monday. He has been fatigued and ill for  some time.
2. Pray for Jai and Yori in India. Yori had her third child last Saturday. All are fine and this is their first son.
3. Pray for Todd Atkins and team in India visiting pastors in Orissa state, where recent persecution had occurred starting last August 2008.
4. Pray for all our missionaries' needs to be met. Some have experienced drops in their support during the economic downturn. We are very blessed that CMM overall income had increases in 2008 over 2007.  Jorge attended the Kingdom Business Association ( meeting in January in Fort Mill, SC and Sean Quintel shared a great presentation showing the parallels between missions giving and overall economic growth. The more we give to missions the more our nation has prospered. We hope to share these statistics with you soon. Meanwhile, please continue to pray for your CMM missionaries serving on the front lines around the world.

Mail in your prayer requests and generous gifts to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.  Donate securely online at and "give" button.

Dr.Jorge and all CMM family,

I am very much rejoicing in the Lord for enabling us to win another lost soul for the Kingdom of God last night.

One young girl, she is 20 years old, comes from strong Hindu family had accepted Jesus as her personal savior few weeks ago.

Her name is Bindu. She is very hard working girl. She works in a tiny shop for her livelihood daily. But she never fails to come to the prayer meetings and worship services.

Last night, we had Friday regular prayer meeting. The Holy Spirit inspired me to share about the salvation and the importance of water Baptism from the book of Acts 8,and 16th chapters.
While I was sharing the word of God, I just challenged how many want to give lives to Jesus and get water Baptism.

Surprisingly sister Bindu stood up and asked for the water Baptism in the night. It was 9:30pm. There was no water nor proper tank for giving the Baptism.

All our orphanage boys carried the water from neighbors and filled the tank with the water. Then I could Baptize sister Bindu in the water. Praise God!!! for this salvation.

She has so many challenges in her family. Please do pray that she can stand firm for the Lord whole of her life.

Please do pray that her parents or relatives excommunicate her.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for the work of God.

In spite of many oppositions and financial struggles, God has been enabling us to WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST.
Praise God for you and all CMM family.
In His field,

Need and prayer request:
Please do pray for LLM missionary's monthly support to those who are serving the Lord among tribal groups in the jungle and plain areas as well.
They are serving the Lord with a lot of sacrifice.
LLM has a great burden to help these 8 missionaries on monthly basis. Please I request Dr. Jorge and all CMM family to pray and support for these missionaries. It does not need to be a big amount. At least $50-60 per a missionary per month. So that they can have one breakfast and two meals per day without any starving. Please stand with us.

And also please continue to pray for the LLM Church compound wall that is to be built at the place where we recently pucheased for the Church building. Thank you so much.

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