A Tremendous Open Door Among Hindu Community In East India


Dr.Jorge and CMM family,

   I am very much rejoicing in the Lord to share with you two things:
            First one, is with all our LLM co-workers and orphanage children and my family have had a whole night fasting and prayer last night in order to intercede for the Church building project. We have made a blueprint of the Church building and placed among us and placed our hands over the bueprint of the building and interceded for needed funds for this project.
        It was such a spirit-filled prayer. Every body filled with a great buden for this project and cried unto the Lord. Even our orphanage children also prayed for for their school fees and exams fees. I encouraged them to trust in the Lord and receive His blessing. So everybody prayed with full of Spirit. Praise God for this whole night fasting and prayer.
     Of course, we could intercede for you and your family too.

         Second thing is, it's tremendous opportunity to reach out orthodoxy and hindu fanatics with the Gospel presentation today at 11am.
         Today, one of hindu gods birthday, I was invited to say something about the Bible and Christianity. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I could share about the power of the Bible  and important of salvation and the purpose of Jesus Christ coming into this world.
             All of them are totally unreached ones, It was a great and tremendous opportunity for me to go and share about the Bible and the power of Salvation. Many could hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
             I really praise God for using me and our family of LLM powerfully and efectively among these hindu fanatics in spite of many other challenges. I am so happy about this event.
        I feel this is something great among this hindu community.
         PRAISE GOD FOR EVERY OPPORTUNITY WE COULD USE  to reach the lost souls.
                  Please continue to pray and stand with us. We need your prayers and support.
                                  In His field,
urgent needs:
            Our orphanage children's school and exams fees have not paid yet. We are very much pressurized by their principals. Please stand with this urgent need.
          We have to start the construction of the compound wall of the church land in order to avoid many tensions from local hindu community. We are in need of $15,00 for the compound wall. Please do pray for this need. Thanks.


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