Update From Orissa, India of Dancing and Rejoicing in the Face of Persecution!

Update From Orissa, India of Dancing and Rejoicing in the Face of Persecution!
Todd Atkins

Greetings Friend of God,

1. We have an exciting report from CMM missionary, Todd Atkins, in Orissa, India this week. Read about the joy of the Lord in this persecuted region.

2. Pray for Alissa Cooper, CMM missionary, just arriving back in Uganda this week to continue the new orphanage establishment. Alissa has had amazing favor to raise large amounts of funds by the grace of God. She has rallied many churches and denominations to unite in sharing the love of our Father God to the children and the future of Uganda.

3. Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Order your flowers for your loved ones from http://freshtravel.biz and bless our CMM missionaries at the same time.

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From Todd in India:

Wow, gotta say this trip ranks right up there with the best thus far.  Our meeting with over 90 pastors has concluded and God showed up to give them comfort, a future, hope, and joy.  They are living in a refugee camp away from their homes in the jungle--there homes and possessions are no more as they were burned and many killed.  Anyway . . .
On Tuesday night following a message on the coming new heavens and new earth there was an exposion of dancing and celebrative worship among all of us.  It was amazing and loud.  It reminded me of being with the Messianic Jews but it was louder.  There were smiles and rejoicing everywhere.  There was more of the same the next day.  It is great to come here and be a part of what God wanted to give them as they now head back to their camps.  We had hoped to go there but it is still too dangerous for foreigners to go there--about 6 hours or so from where the conference was held.  God really poured out his anointing also on the preaching of His word during this time.  An amazing experience for me personally . . . no surprise that the Lord would treat His persecuted pastors in such a way.
Ginger, a lady on our team, opened a makeshift pharmacy to minister meds to many of them as several are sick with various things.  She has also sung and shared a couple times and connected especially well with some of the women and girls who were in the same place with us as part of a YWAM Discipleship Training School.
We are now in another city where we will be teaching young folks who are also from the jungles and living in the refugee camps.  They came here for a 6 month discipleship class and many of them know nothing about it.  We will spend the next several days ministering among them and teaching the word of God.  It is another amazing opportunity to see God touch these folks who have been persecuted and call some of the young folks to give their lives for the gospel in Orissa and other parts of the world.
These folks are getting ready to see the resurrection power of God following a time of suffering and our prayer is that revival will break out in their areas and that they will take the comfort, hope, and joy received here back to the refugee camps, and that all fear and hopelessness will be gone.
Love to all, TA

Todd Atkins,


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