Updates, Passing Away, Engagements! Life At The Speed Of......Life!


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Updates, Passing Away, Engagements! Life At The Speed Of......Life!
Jorge Parrott
Feb 16, 2009


Updates From Many Mission Trips, Jorge's Mom Passes Away,  Jonathan Parrott's Engagement and more.

Click here to see the photo of Jonathan Parrott, son of CMM President Jorge Parrott,  and Jennifer Johnson, who were just engaged Saturday Feb. 14th.


WOW! Sorry we have not updated much for a few weeks, there is so much going on.

New CMM Missionary Jean Marc is in England, after a trip to Portugal. Jean Marc is from Brazil, so Portugal may have felt like home. He is on his way to Nigeria to visit Margaret Soremekun, CMM Nigerian Director for a pastor's conference and miracle healing crusade.

Tom and Guisella Becotte and Cesar and Martha Gaitan are in Spain, heading off to a Mediterranean Cruise and then a conference in Madrid at the end of February that they will be conducting and leading.

We just sent over $40,000 to Uganda with Alissa Cooper to buy 70 acres of land for a new orphanage. Building teams are planning to construct the buildings in the next few months. It is amazing how God has moved on many hearts to bring together many churches and groups to participate in showing the Love of Father God during this economic slowdown.

Charles and Jackie Kindle head up a building team and intercessors or Puebla, Mexico in a few weeks to bless a pastor and missionaries there.

Clifford Grant in Guatemala needs prayers for a lump in his chest. He is feeling better but we need to pray for total healing and restoration of his vibrant energy.

Jorge Parrott's Mom passed away last week in Illinois. Visit the Director's page to read more about her passing. 

Click here to see her photo and obituary: http://web.me.com/heyjorge/CMM/Director/Entries/2009/2/16_CMM_President_Jorge_Parrott%E2%80%99s_Mom_Goes_Home_To_Be_With_The_Lord.html

Jorge's son, Jonathan, who helps CMM a lot with office duties is pictured above along with Jennifer Johnson, his bride to be. Jonathan asked Jenn to wed him at a Valentine's Winter Ball on February 14th.

Peter and Joy Wyns are off to Israel leading a tour group of 18 at the end of February and early March.

Todd Atkins and his team just got back from visiting Orissa  state in India and visiting persecuted Christians who have had their homes and churches burned.

Bonnie Horn is off to Dominican Republic today to visit Veronica Freites in her exciting work there.

We are finishing up this week mailing our year end totals and thank you notes to all the donors who gave in 2008. We are thankful that CMM overall giving increased handsomely in 2008, mainly due to adding new missionaries. There are many needs in each field so please don't stop. During this time in our economy we need to increase giving to missions to help restore our economy. It's true. The more we send overseas for the Gospel, the more God blesses the US.

2009 can be the best year you have ever had. If we submit our selves to the Lord and seek Him with all our hearts, He will take us to new depths and heights of His awesome love. Will you allow Him to have His way in your life. Read His word, pray, listen to His still small voice and He will lead you, by His Spirit.

Contact CMM to plan your next adventure in God. Call 704-225-3927 or email CMMarmy@gmail.com

if you can not go or do not feel called to go, how about sponsoring some one who is called and ready to go? What a blessing you can be. Send in your support to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.

Write to us and let us pray for you.

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