CMM 1st Quarter 2009 Updates and Overview--Christ's Mandate for Missions

Hey Mighty Warrior,

Thanks for your prayers for missionaries serving around the world to fulfill the Great Commission and see Jesus' soon and certain return.

While the economy is in recession we choose to focus on God's economy and thank Him continually for His mercies and goodness and how He works all things together for good for those who love Him. We appreciate your desire to live fully for God and be Christ-like in all you do. 

So much is accelerating, multiplying, and transitioning this year. 

A team from Bill Johnson's Bethel Church recently visited Tahiti and CMM missionary Edualdo and Aline Cicero and their family.  Their daughter goes to school at Bethel.  Visit their web site:

John Scotland, CMM ambassador of joy and release of God's heart, from Liverpool, England has ministered recently in New Zealand and Australia, Canada and brings a powerful message where ever he goes. John's web site is:  John has some new CD's that are really amazing.
Charles and Jackie Kindle went to Mexico to build a church near Puebla. Charles says there is a request to build a church in a remote village and we are praying how we can be a part of that work. They lead a powerful team of wise and mature and fruitful folks that are always a joy to be with.  I pray for a 100 teams like the ones Charles and Jackie lead and plesae pray for more Americans to step out and step up.  Souls are at stake.  We are actively seeking new team leaders who apply their faith to transform nations by leading radical, short term teams, and we firmly believe God is raising up committed, faith-filled warriors being sent to the nations to bring nation change principles of the Kingdom to many nations.

I read a report recently that states how when missions giving goes up in America, so does our economy. When missions giving goes down, so does our economy. Pray that our leaders will understand sowing and reaping. While I am on the subject, we all know we need to really pray for our nation. So much is at stake.  Thank God He is on the throne and that He is not running for any election and He is not fretting one bit.  His peace is beyond all understanding and His peace overcomes the enemy. Lord, show us how to rest in your peace so that we may be the overcomers you call us to be.

Clifford and Sunny Grant are teaching school in Guatemala and they are persevering through increasing troubles there in that nation but are committed to staying there and carrying on the work the Lord has given them. Grace is also teaching and Cathy does too. What a family of teachers. Many Latin American nations are facing increasing crime and problems from durg lords.  Pray for the Grants' safety and for a refreshing touch of the Holy Spirit to help them in their perseverance and outlook.

We have a team led by Todd Atkins that went to Fuga Island in the northern Philippines for Easter. This island is about a 3.5 hour boat ride off the northern tip of that nation. CMM has built the first churches on that island, which is owned by a Taiwanese busienssman and has his own army and no electricity. We raised funds last year for the first generator on that island for their church.

We have Alissa Cooper, from PA, who left her teaching job to build an orphanage in Uganda. God had given her a vision when she was 9 years old to help African children. She resigned last May and since has raised over $50,000 through CMM's young missionary training program. In January we sent $48,000 to buy 68 acres of land to build this orphanage. You can read more on her website at:

Dean Parker visited Turkey and we agree that is a strategic place for prayer targeting and for more missions work.

Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez report from Cordoba, Argentina there is an outbreak of dengue fever and severe economic pressures.

I am planning on leading a team to India and the Philippines in late October and November to conduct 6 pastors conferences and speak in about 30 churches in one month. We have our hospital in N.India where we just have learned that Operation Blessing is going to help in some new construction.  We have been blessed to raise and send them over $500,000 in the last ten years. They treat over 5000 per month regardless of creed or money.  We have helped build several school buildings, a library, computer lab, new water filtering systems, and new medical clinic, equipment, etc.  In the Philippines we have built 33 new churches in ten years. Pray for my support to come in to make this important trip to reach those nations with the love of God and His word.

We have some precious new missionaries with an orphanage, Jai and Yori Mallipudi. Their web site is: Children can be supported for $50.00 per month with education, clothing, nutrition and hope for a quality life. These children were either abandoned, children of AIDS parents, or dropped off at the gates by hopeless parents.

John Ebenezer is almost 70 years young and he has raised up 450 Dalits, or untouchables, in tribal villages. John has a vision to build churches where there is no church, cost $10,000. and drills wells for $900.00 that provide fresh water to thousands.

We had a medical team from Charlotte go to the Domincan Republic in early April and they gave medical care, blood pressure, and high sugar tests to 250 women and some pregnant and visited several churches while there. That website is:

Our friend, Bonnie Horne, from Virginia has been three times this year to the DR to help train women in starting a business to fund ministry, making pocket books.

Peter Wyns just left for ministry time in Bulgaria and led a team of 18 to Israel in February.

We have our missionary from Haiti, Astrel Vincent here now in the US. He educates about 500 children and oversees almost 100 pastors in the poor nation. Vincent's website is:

We have moved the CMM office to the Heritage International Ministries retreat center in Ft. Mill, SC where the former PTL grounds are located. It is a thriving ministry center with children, college level students, and many conferences with speakers from around the world. We are excited about adding some new volunteers to help with RadioActivate, CMM's worship and mission radio. Visit:  We have listeners from almost 40 nations, including China, many nations in Africa, S. Pacific, Europe, Canada, etc.

Our College of Theology is growing around the world. We have students in many nations of the world and many more awaiting. We will have 13 graduating this year from America. We do offer accredited degrees by correspondence if you have anyone wanting to study the Bible as their course book, (KJV) and receive an Associate, Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate level degree. The website is  We are the satellite school of the Wilmington, NC based School.  There are 80 some schools across the US with this school. There were 828 graduates last year.  We are authorized to organize and set up new satellite schools across the world for Jesus Christ. If you have an interest in teaching or establishing a College of Theology in your area and being a part, let me know.

There is so much going on in the Vineyards of the Lord. Pray for more volunteers to help us keep up with the reporting of it all.  We are always for looking for venues for our missionaries to visit and share the  heart of God in churches. So, please let us know anytime you have an opening. We so appreciate it.

We do have pictures on the web at

We have some great videos at

Some chruches use the videos and pictures to keep missionaries and their lives before their congregations or during missions prayer times.

We love you and thank God for your hearts after Him.  Please continue to pray for all missionaries serving on the front lines around the world during these turbulent times.

CMM had its best year ever in 2008 for reaching the most people with the keys to the necessity of a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus as Lord,  and we are thankful that as we grow we are able to keep our overhead very low. 91% of all funds given to CMM went directly to missions and ministry in 2008. We praise God for all our faithful partners and all the new ones He brings us. CMM does have an army of people impacting nations one person at a time in about 20 nations at this point and you are part of that army and Jesus is our Captain. He wants us to be bold, humble in heart, holy, pure, and showing all the love of the Father to the lost, hurting, helpless, hopeless, and those who hunger for more of HIm.  His glory is covering the earth and His will be done, on earth as it is heaven, in Jesus' name.

John 17.

Contact us to have our friends meet you at the airport in the nation God has put on your heart.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Jorge Parrott, CMM President

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