CMM's John and Jean Scotland ministering in Abbotsford, Vancouver--Pray for this area.

Dear friends,


Thank you for your prayers for John & Jean.  They made it safely to Vancouver and were able to get some good sleep on the plane.


This first set of meetings in Abbotsford needs your continued covered prayer.  It's technically a "missions" trip, and is slightly disorganized.  However, we know that the Lord uses all things for His glory & purposes. 


Abbotsford is a hurting area.   As you may know…this is Todd Bentley's home town, where his ministry first started.  Many people are hurt over the events of the last year concerning Todd.   Let us pray that the Lord will use John to be a healing channel of His love to them.


In about an hour, John and Jean are having lunch with Todd Bentley's former pastor.  They have not met each other before, and this lunch has been arranged via their host in the area.  Let us pray that they have a God-ordained time together.


Tonight they will be ministering among the homeless.  Let's pray for a wonderful spirit of joy and love to be bubbling forth—a bubbly Champaign of the Spirit—the expensive stuff for the poor!


Tomorrow a ride has been arranged for John and Jean back into the United States with a pastor by the name of Paul Taylor.  This is his first time getting to know John & Jean, and it is a blessing that he is willing to provide them with transportation—across the U.S. border.  Pray for an angel of God's Presence to accompany them in the car to impart a real anointing & kinship as they travel.  And, remember, to pray for a nice custom's officer at the U.S. Border.  (Yes, there can be mean ones!)


Finally, pray for a spirit of generosity to be upon God's people to meet all the traveling expenses of John and Jean which they have incurred for these meetings, and for an abundance to keep the expenses paid on the home front, too!


Thank you so much for your wonderful prayers.  Oh, one more prayer point…there's a possible meeting that may get set up on Wednesday evening, in the State of Washington, which isn't set up, yet.  Pray for an open door, if this meeting is to be set up—if this is in God's plan.  John would like this meeting to open up.


Love & blessings,


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