Lazarus brings mute Indian tribal girl to meeting--God heals her and she sings praises to God!


  Dear Jorge and all the CMM prayer partners and supporters,

   We are very glad to share with you that  last night, we had a spirit-filled whole night prayer with fasting with all our co-workers and Children's Home.
  . We have prayed for your and your family. 
    It is a wonderful news from the agency field that one of our co-workers namely pastor Lazarus, 65 years old man from the Koya tribe is being used by the Lord among the local tribal groups.
     One of the tribal girls was got sick and got mute.  Totally she could not speak out anything.  Our co-workers pastor Lazarus and  pastor Rajaratnam  visited the house and prayed for her with fasting. MIRACULOUSLY, THE TRIBAL GIRL IS ABLE TO SPEAK  AND WORSHIP THE LORD NOW.
     When pastor Lazarus shared this testimony in last night whole night fasting and prayer, everybody has praised OUR GOD ALMIGHTY for the wonderful testimony from the agency field.
     How amazing our God is: He raises the people from the dust in order to shame the wise.  Pastor Lazarus is very poor and unschooled tribal man. God has called him for the lost souls among jungle tribal groups.
    He has been very faithful and committed for the work of God for past many years with the LLM in the jungle.
      Please continue to pray for the tribal ministry through CMM&LLM and also pray for their support. They have been serving the Lord without proper support for them. 
 Please do pray that God will open an door in order to help these co-workers.
                Thanks for praying and stainding with us. Our prayers are with you always.
               in His field,
        your brother in Christ,

urgent need:
     We have hardly two or three days in order to apply for 12a and auditing ($500. annual fee) to be done.
          We trust in Jesus and keep praying now.
          Please stand with us. thanks.

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