News from Bolivia-Constitution Being Changed-Christians Losing Protection-Pray

 Please pray for Bolivia. This President of this nation is changing the constitution!!

April 2009


Dear and remembered co-workers on the Vineyard of the Lord:


May the grace of the Lord be upon each one of you. Please receive our love and gratitude.


"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you". Philippians 1:3.


We praise our good God for giving us the opportunity to preach His Gospel. During the last 3 months we have been able to reach many places inside Bolivia, specially 2 places where people are fond of the current government's doctrines, Chapare and the high lands. In these places the believers have been deceived on different ways and it is necessary to strengthen the churches with the Word of God, so that His people will be firm and that none will lack courage. A good percentage of the brethren have promised to be faithful to the Lord. We receive constant invitations to visit these places, although they have their own risks.

Sometimes Jaime Jr. and I are together preaching on the same place, but on other occasions we go to conferences on different places. As you may have noticed, we are more involved helping the churches, although we have not stopped to do evangelism.

The other reason why we are thankful to the Lord is the news that Carola finally finished her residency. It's been hard years, but thanks to God they are gone. She is willing to be more involved in the ministry. We have dreamed for a while to have a medical team ready to help the evangelistic efforts, and it seems that day has arrived. In our small church we have Carola and Mirtha (one of my niece who is a dentist) ready to help. As you can see, the Lord is blessing us in this way, but now our prayers are that He will provide for their support. And although we know that this need arises in a time that we are living a global crisis, we trust and understand that nothing is impossible for our Lord.

The situation in our country is complicated, our president and his political party have won the right to ditch our original constitution and put a new one. The problem with the new constitution is that it leaves a lot of opportunities for the government to do as they wish without control of any kind. Besides this, talking about the spiritual side of things, which is more of our interest, the new constitution fully supports our ancient and pagan religions putting Christianity aside; it also promotes sexual freedom like homosexuality and other behaviors. There is lot of corruption on every level, sadly led by the party on government, promoting a more acute economical crisis due to the lack of jobs. For these reasons dear brethren we request your prayers for Bolivia, we believe that we have like 2 years, during which, we'll be able to preach the Gospel with freedom, after this time the government will be able to put their new constitution to work and have the power to restrict any activity that they wish to stop. That's why we are putting more effort during these 2 years in all our ministries.

Once again we present our deep gratitude for your faithfulness in supporting us; we pray that the Lord will return you more than multiplied in blessings,


Yours in Christ,


Jaime Sr. & families

Ps. The picture shows youth and children at a conference in Chapare (part of the jungle).


As God leads, pray and support financially the Torricos in Bolivia. They need your prayers and they need finances.  Mail your gift to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 or give securely online at


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