Testimonies North Vietnamese Communist Fishermen Healed

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This amazing report is from Earl and Jana Thurner, who were introduced to us by CMM missionaries in Tahiti,  French Polynesia, Edualdo and Aline Cicero. Jesus said, "the work of the Father is to believe."  We pray daily that our Father God would help us believe the way He desires us to believe. He is beautiful, awesome, and ready to meet your need, whatever it is. Do you trust God to meet your need? As we celebrate Easter and Jesus's resurrection, He invites us to experience His resurrection power every day and we can!  May your faith be awakened to new revelations of His love and majesty this moment, as you read and get blessed by this article from Earl. 

Charles Kindle and his team just got back from building a new church near Puebla, Mexico. Todd Atkins and his team just got to Fuba Island, Philippines for Easter. Trena Martinez led a team to do minister medical care and love to the poor in Dominican Republic.  CMM is blessed to be a blessing. We  live by faith, trusting God to bless our partners, intercessors who in turn bless our precious missionaries serving on the front lines in many nations.

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From Earl Thurner:
         Whenever I sense resistance of hell to the plans of God for us, as with this upcoming 3 month trip to NIcaragua, there are different things I do to posture myself for victory from victory.  One of them is to testify of a previous conquest of the enemy by declaring it and that is exactly what I am doing by sharing this one which probably most of you have not heard before.  I don't   think I ever wrote about it.  So enjoy and pray for us to see things like this duplicated and smash the resistance for us to move forward and WE WILL!!              earl and jana

                  40 North Vietnamese Fishermen  Healed
       On my last trip to French Polynesia, my associate Edualdo Cicero(he lives there) and I were part of the March for Jesus that ended up in the central square in downtown Papeete.  The square borders on what we call "the wagons", which is where volkswagon type autos are turned into mini restaurants with tables and chairs and serve all kinds of food.  The March ended with Christians performing on the stage there and all the Christians were facing the stage. 
       I had just brought the message of the gospel of the kingdom into the nation and Edualdo and I were looking around to do good and heal the oppressed.  His wife Aline was with us and she is Vietnamese but does not speak the language.  I was  making my way to the wagons when I noticed them trying to converse with a large group of men and I decided to see what was happening.  I found out that they were fishermen from North Vietnam and were having to stay at this port.  Most of them were intoxicated and we all tried to speak to them but they did not know english or french and we did not know their language.
       Remembering  the Vietnam war, my heart was touched by the compassion of God and I just longed to release the love of God and heal.  An idea came to me of having Edualdo and I act out diseases and sicknesses to see if maybe if they would know what we were doing, have the sickness and get healed and then we could see the power of God.  Well, we got their attention and started doing all kinds of acting to describe a sickness.  We tried everything.  Doubling over in pain, holding our stomachs, limping, moaning while holding our heads, hands on our hearts, feigning shortness of breath, you name it, we tried it.  They were laughing and pointing at us and we were pointing up to heaven while acting and then signalling with our hands something coming down and then we smiled with relief acting out healing.  It must have been a sight!
       Finally, 3 men stepped forward and pointed to their stomachs.  We were overjoyed!  We declared on earth as it is in heaven and all 3 immediately signalled that their stomachs were better.  They were smiling and when the others saw that, about 40 of them rushed forward.  They pointed at their backs and we prayed and they touched their toes and jumped up and  down.  They could not breathe well and after prayer, could breathe perfectly.  They pointed at their hearts, heads, parts of their bodies and after prayer were animatedly expressing joy and smiling and talking with one another, having been touched by God.
      As this was going on, the presence of God came into the square,  He became real and many of their countenances reflected peace and the weight of His touch.  One man from the crowd watching the program ran to us and said that over in one section you could feel His presence and a woman was being visited by God and she did not know what to do.  We said to go back and declare His kingdom and tell her God was making Himself known to her.  We have more to tell about her in a bit.  Another man came from the wagon area and in French began to ask for prayer as he was schizophrenic and was always hearing voices and did not know who he was.  Imagine that.  I looked at Edualdo and in this case we felt to lead him to Jesus Christ which we did and then just cast out the demons and released the kingdom.  The guy was so set free and began laughing uncontrollably with the joy of God.  Immediately, an old man smoking a cigarette hobbled up and pointed to his back and after prayer was completely healed and did not need his cane.  He was showing off how he could jump and move around.   There was someone sitting on the wall watching and we just asked who needed healing and those that did got healed!
      The Vietnamese were hugging us and just so excited and some were so under the power of God right in the square.  We did not know how to convey the gospel to them and at that moment we saw a long poster sign that talked about Jesus Christ being Lord in French, so we got all the communist vietnamese around the sign and began taking pictures and they took pictures of each other and had us take pictures with their camera of the entire group around the banner.   Those pictures will be developed in their nation and who knows the fruit that will take place, the eternal significance of that moment in Tahiti.
       It was a moving time and went on for hours as God began drawing people to where we were.  As we were leaving, we were approached by the woman who experienced God coming upon her.  She motioned to a young man sitting on a wall and said it was her son and would we talk to him.  When we came near he boldly declared that he was an atheist and did not believe in God.  He went on to say that he watched the entire night as we were praying for people and what happened.  We asked him if he knew how they got healed and who did it.  At that he said, "well I have a severe back problem and in tremendous pain  and I am going to specialist in a few days".   We said why not save some money and get healed and he quite defiantly let us pray for him.  He was instantly, I mean instantly healed and was shocked!  He bent over and touched his toes and was yelling, the pain is gone, the pain is gone.  Moments later he was saved and radiant with His saving presence and so ended a wonderful night in the kingdom!!
Earl and Jana Thurner   
Telephone  530-605-9954
The Desire of All Nations
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Redding, California 96003I
 I will send the next two after this....there are amazing stories in hospitals in Fiji and Nicaragua, sound of rushing wind and healing in Vanuatu so let me know and I will try to do a few a week if you want....God is so wonderful....

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