Very Urgent Prayers Needed in Pakistan, from Gul Jee


My Dear Brother Jorge and CMM
Peace on you. Hope all is well at your side. I want to bring in your kind notice that Circumstances of Pakistan are very dangerous. Taliban are entered Punjab province also where I am also located. They said now they will destroy all big Christian institutes and Shiya Muslim people.
In our city Sialkot when my younger sister Asma went to St, Mary's school. She told the school walls and gate were filled with the written threats on them, also Taliban made Bombs and guns pictures on the walls with red colour. The language was Siriky. So the Principal ordered to close the school for a week as Government ordered.
Next morning same bad news we heard about the Christian High School Sialkot. So Government gave the order to Police for make tight the Security of Punjab. Many school and colleges are off because of this very dangerous situation.
All Christians of Pakistan are very worried. We don't know what will be happened of our country and people. To live in Pakistan is very dangerous. Pakistan is not a country its better name is grave yard where deaths and dead bodies are every where.
We are praying and fasting. Already our poor Christian led their live in Muslims slavery many years now this is time they will be the mark of their guns and bombs, and will died and buried. We are crying to Lord. Please pray for the Christians and all others too.
We need you prayers. As we want to do Lords work, win the souls for His Kingdom. But how can we do in these circumstances.
Your Daughter
Evangelist Gul Jee
Gospel of Heaven ministry Pakistan



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