God's protection from black cobra-biting....a miracle...


Dr.Jorge  and CMM Family,

    Greetings to you and all Franci's family in Jesus' name. Our daily prayers are with you.
    Thanks a lot for all your prayers for my jungle trip and my family.

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                   IT IS A MIRACLE:

    I want to share with you  that God really has protected my wife, second daughter(Gladys), and my little son, JOshual Jai from poisionus black cobra biting in the night on last Tuesday.
   On last Tuesday, I was in the jungle for sharing the word of God in the tribal boy's wedding, where as my family left behind at home.
    My wife and three of my children were kneeling down and praying on a flour mat in the night by 11p.m. After prayer was finished my wife took the mat and shook it on the ground. Suddenly there was a cobra(which 1 and half meter long)fell down from the mat to the ground. Suddenly my wife took two of my children with two hands and ran into the room.
  And of the children's home boys brought a stick and killed the cobra by saying that "THE BLOOD OF JESUS GIVES VICTORY".
     More amazing thing is my second daughter and my little son were sleeping over the cobra while the prayer was going on.But they did not know about it. More over my wife was praying at that time  that "O, Lord protect from every harm and dangerous snakes and insects and reptiles."
     So, God really protected my wife, second dauther, and little son from the death. There is now proper transportation also to go to the hospital in the night. How amazingly God has protected them from the shadow of valley of death. Praise God.
    This morning, I came back from the jungle ministry to my home. MY wife and children are praying and exalting the Lord and sharing the testimony with me how God protected from the cobra-biting.
   This is really God's protection over my family. God has been so faithful in our lives and ministry.
    IN spite of many financial crises,lackings, and challenges in everyday life,God has been so faithful. Praise God!!!
    Please continue to pray for us and the work of God and stand with the work of God.
         Thank you so much for all your prayers.
         May the Lord bless you with this miraculous testimoney.
              Hope to hear from you,
                   your brother in Christ,
urgent needs/prayer requests:
             1.Please continue to pray for the LLM Church building construction. We keep praying for funds for the Church construction.
Please stand with the God's temple construction project among anti-christian community.
          2. God has put an burden in my heart "the LLM Compassionate Ministry" among despised and poor leperousy patients/community. We want to reach them with the love of Jesus by feeding them with nutrious food and drinking water and cloth besides spiritual feeding.
     We keep praying for one or two supporters for helping this Compassionate Ministry for poor lepers. It is needed $150 per month.
      Please stand with us as the Lord leads you. Please let us join our hands and extend God's kingdom here in India. Thanks.

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