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Jun 17, 2009

 Hi Friends!

I'd like to share two testimonies of healing that have occurred on Saturday (June 6th) during our 3rd Healing Rooms session at the Upper Room in Papeete (Tahiti). By the way you need to know that what used to be known as the New Wine bookstore is now called the "Upper Room" which is run by Vision of the Harvest.

We actually had a Bethel team come from Redding (California) on April 2009 for 13 days. They did bring a great sense of the Kingdom of God's supernatural quest that brought a desire for more on some of our youth (including us of course). It is during their stay in Tahiti that we had our first Healing Rooms. Even after they left we decided we would have Healing Rooms every first Saturday of every month. The Lord has been moving each time and people have felt tremendous relief and for some no symptoms have remained at all.

On this last Healing Rooms session of June 6th we prayed for two people. First it was for a Polynesian lady that was actually 3 months along her pregnancy and had not been able to actually swallow food without feeling pain in her throat (goiter problems). This situation has lasted for several months and she had lost a lot of weight since she didn't even feel like eating much at all. On top of that, she would feel out of breath every time she would walk for a very short period of time like going up a flight of stairs or even moving around the house. She mentioned she had asthma problems. A last need she had was related to her legs articulatory pain she was feeling that night.

After we prayed for her (one issue at a time), she did feel a warmth on ther throat and after testing it by trying and swallow her own saliva she didn't have any more pain. Her legs' pain also left and what was most significant was that she was able to go down the stairs and back up again and didn't feel at all out of breath. I called her again just a few days ago and she confirmed to me that she's been able to eat properly, her breathing is totally normal and she has no more pain on her legs.

The second person we prayed for was a Chinese man. He had a severe problem with his stomach and had an inserted pipe that would help him for his bowel movements. He was expecting some results from the doctors as to a possible surgery. He also had numbness at his feet and hands due to blood circulation problems related to his diabetes. As we prayed for him he did feel a warmth engulf his body and when I met him very recently he told me that he has been feeling his feet and legs every day and the warmth hasn't left him. His wife also mentioned to me that he will undergo surgery and they will remove some of the outgrowths he's had in his stomach. Thank you for keeping Tefa (the old chinese brother) in prayer for his upcoming surgery.

Our next Healing Rooms session should be on Saturday, August 1st, 2009. Thank you for your prayers and may the Lord be the source of your joy and delight!

Edualdo Cicero

Vision of the Harvest / Vision de la Moisson (Tahiti - French Polynesia)

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