Hindu Lady Dissed Jesus. Sickness Brings Humility--God Heals Her-Now Jesus Lives In Her Heart

Dr.Jorge and all CMM family,

    I am so excited to share with you that that Lord has me and our LLM Gospel Team to win the strong hindu lady that I shared with you yesterday to be prayed for.
     Her name is Nagamani. She was  very strong hindu lady. She used to mock at brother Vijay and Mary(who have been serving the Lord and LLM missionaries). She did not like Jesus. She used to say that Jesus is for low caste God and the god of untouchable people.
    Few days back, she fell in sick. Brother Vijay and Mary visited her house and prayed for her and her husband. God has healed her miraculously.
     Yesterday, she invited me and all our Gospel Team to share the gospel. We went and shared the love of Jesus, and how Jesus died for her sins, and gave the salvation to the all humanity in the world.
    The HOly Spirit has opened her heart and   confessed her sins and accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal savior Jesus Christ. She asked for water baptism. There is no water now due hot summer now. Me and all our team had to go arroud 8 miles in order to find some water, in spite of threre is no proper transportation and extremely heat. Finally, we could find some water and conducted the water Baptism.
     After the baptism, we all are invited her home in order to pray for her and entire her family.
    We could share the gospel to her neighbours also. Praise God.
   We are so happy to share this PRAISE REPORT with you how God has been using us and the whole family of LLM with your prayers and support.
       Thank you so much for all your pryaers. Please continue to pray and stand with us.
   We need your prayers and support for the extension of God's kingdom.
   Once again Thank you so much for all your prayers for this soul winning.
                with a lots of thanks,
                       your brother in Chirist,
                               Jai&Yori and all the LLM Gospel Team.
Prayer requests:
             1. We do not have a proper church building to worship the Lord among hindu community. We are late to start the construction work of the Church building. If rainy season starts, we will be facing so much problem to work on this land. So, please cotinue to pray for some funds($2,500), so that the ground work of the Church building will be finished.  We have a great passion and burden to build this church building among this hindu dominated people. We want to see all these pershing souls to come to the Lord and worship the Living God. Amen.
       2. Our LLM orphanage children are going to their school without new books, dress nor bags. Please do for God's provision for the orphanage boys needs.
       3. Please continue to pray for the renovation of the tribal church shelter that is fallen in the jungle. It is estimated $250 in order to renovate the worship shelter.
        4. Please do pray for the ministry among poor leprosy people. The LLM has burden to show the love of Jesus by helping them some food and drinking water every month. If any body has interested to help the leperosy ministry. Please let me know. Thanks.
     NOTE: PLease look at the photos of the lady baptism yesterday. Thanks.
Mail in your gift to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 c/o Jai and Yori

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