It's Time To Unblock The Supply Lines

From a great friend of CMM, Tracy Schellhorn.

We need to pray strategically in this season. Please pray and ask God for His light to shine brighter.

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It's Time To Unblock The Supply Lines
Tracy Schellhorn
Jun 25, 2009



Tonight, I got a word for a friend's ministry that their supply lines were being blocked.  I felt we should pray for those lines of supply to be opened up, so that the provision of the Lord could freely flow.  I asked this friend to have a few more people pray with us regarding this.

He then sent my message out to some friends to pray, and a prophetic friend in Australia sent back a reply about the supply lines.  She said that just as we call a plumber when we have a natural pipe blocked that we should also call on the Lord to send high-powered angels to unblock the flow of these pipes.  She believes that this word -- regarding the supply lines -- applies to people around the world and that the supply lines have been clogged by demonic assignments, words, and curses. 

Having heard her response, I was stirred to action.  We need to break those things, ask the Lord to release the angels, and begin to believe in one accord. 

So, I'd like us to do that.  In the days to come, you may see me doing more of this.  The Lord is emphasizing to me the power of our agreement.  If one can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand to flight, how much more when hundreds of believers around the globe unite?

A supply line could refer to finances.  It could also be a supply of revelation, energy, time, friends, divine connections, ideas, understanding, health, peace, etc.  If you have had a shortage in any area, let's pray together for our supply lines to be unhindered.

As you pray, believe for your brethren who are praying this with you.  It's very important in these days that we cover one another.  No more only looking after ourselves and our own.  We are all in this together!  There is great power in giving unto one another.  Whatever you need, you should give, and then you are assured of receiving it yourself.  So, as we pray, pray this for yourself and for the others around the globe who are joining in this prayer with us.  Forward it to your friends so that they can join us as well.  Let's see a world-wide breakthrough in the supply lines of God's people!


So, together, let's pray:


Heavenly Father, we exalt Your name.  We declare that You are holy.  You alone are holy, and You alone are worthy of our praise.  We lift up the name of Your Son, Jesus, as the only way to salvation, and we honor You for all You have done for us, Your beloved Bride.


In accordance with Your word, we come to You together, in Your name, to beseech You to open up the supply lines in our lives that have been blocked.  We ask for a release of the heavenly beings that are required to break through the enemy's blockade, and we ask that You fight for us.


We also break every curse that has been assigned to diminish our supply or bring about shortages, we break every curse of delay, we break off word curses that have been spoken against us, we cancel the enemy's assignments of lack and poverty, and we push back the forces of evil from what is rightfully ours.  We refuse to allow the enemy to intrude on what You have given to us.  Every place that our foot trods is the place You have given unto us, and we are going to start walking in the truth of that scripture, Lord. Starting today, we will believe and stand on that word.  Therefore, the enemy must back off from our territory, loose his hold on our supply, and REPAY every thing that has been stolen, hidden, lost, or swindled in Jesus' name.


We rise up as a mighty army, standing together, dressed in holy array, dressed for battle as an army of one.  We come not as individuals but as a unit.  We stand battle-ready, arrayed with holiness, with the high praises of God in our mouth and a two-edged sword in our hands, ready to execute vengeance and punishment upon the enemies of our God.


We thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer, and breaking through like the waters of Baal-Perazim, where David called You "Lord of the Breakthrough!"


We stand together, in faith, hope, and love, believing that the supply of heaven is pouring forth, even now, through the heavenly and earthly pipelines you have set up.


And Lord, for those of us who have not completed our pipelines yet, we ask for a construction crew to be released on our behalf to work in front of the supply, laying the pipe so that not one drop of supply will be lost but all of it will be transferred appropriately and on time through the lines of supply You are even now supplying.


Lord, to even be able to come to You like this is a privilege.  It is such an honor to be able to boldly approach the throne of grace.  We thank You for the precious blood of Jesus that makes this possible.  We love and adore You, our loving Provider, Father, and King.


Help us to stand strong.  Help our unbelief.  Lift our weary hands, and strengthen our feeble knees.  Lord, knit us together, so that Your Church is a Body of One.


In Your precious name, we pray.


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