HEALING PRAYER AND OUTREACH OPPORTUNITIES: Lessons from Nicaragua for the nations

Earl and Jana Thurner were introduced to CMM through our missionaries in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Edualdo and Aline Cicero, friends of Torea and Teresa Manjard, who graduated from MSU and went to Torea's native island to share the Gospel. 

     When we were in Nicaragua I became aware of an increased anointing to heal the sick coming upon my wife Jana.  I shared the email sent to me by Pastor Jairo of a woman who came to a service with heart problems.  As we found out later, she was dying and Jana prayed for her.  Last Sunday she came to church to testify of being completely healed and doctors found a new heart and kidneys, completely free of disease.  Now that is a wonderful thing.  I remember at the TBN meeting when she prayed for a woman's blindness and a white film dissolved in front of everyone and that eye became normal.  There was an increase in healings and I could  share more.
       The word healing in Matthew 4:23 means to relieve of suffering, to cure, restore to health, to be a servant but also to adore God. So when someone is healed, God is adored, it is worship unto Him.  And to adore God is to heal, to relieve of suffering.  While we see many miracles through our students and leaders in Nicaragua, men,women, young people and even children and also a worldwide release of His healing love, the normal Christian life, I asked my wife if I could email everyone on the email list to let you know that if you want prayer for healing she would love to believe God to do just that.
      So this email is saying, we want to stand with you for the miraculous in your lives and contend for your destiny to be fulfilled.  So you can call the cell number below which is the ministry phone and contact Jana or email us. 
      We also are beginning to look into providing opportunities for those that want to be part of outreaches undertaken by The Desire of All Nations into the nations of the earth.  We will share more about this, but we have trips planned into Nicaragua in the near future and other doors are opening.  You can come along to be part of crusades, village feedings and the miraculous, going into La Chureca in Managua and the Dario Dump, all types of expressions of His embrace taking place in this ministry.  So that might be something you would be interested in, so let us know.  We rejoice to see others loved and touched and dreams being released for His glory...
                                           earl and jana
Earl and Jana Thurner 
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