INDIA LLM/CMM OUTREACH REPORT & PICTURES-Reaching Lepers, HIV, and orphans with the Father's Heart


Dear CMM prayer partner/supporter,

    Thank you so much for all your prayers for our Independence outreach.We could reach hundreds of HIndu people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One sister Lakshmi from Hindu community opened her heart. We could visit her house pray for her.

   God has been doing so many things through the LLM Gospel Team.

  YOur prayers and support are very much needed. Without your prayer and support, it is very hard for us move forward. Please I humbly request you to be a partnership in this harvest and be a blessing. So, that we will be able to reach out many lost souls for the kingdom of God.

         Once again thank you so much for all your prayers for this ministry.

     Please do pray for the LLM Church building construction among anti-Christian community. We are facing so much problem of worship place to worship the Lord freely. We are worshipping the Lord in a rented house. We have so much problem of the HIndu land-lord.We want to start the Church building construction. We are planning and praying that this CHURCH BUILDING PROJECT WILL BE COMPLETED BY MONTH OF DECEMBER,2009.

   And also pray for new LLM Compassion Ministry (Social Service) to reach poor and despised lepers,HIV patients and crippled ones.

        We are praying for regular support for this ministry. Please stand with us in prayer. If God speaks to you, please let us know we will be so much rejoicing in the Lord.


      God bless you. Looking forward to hear from you.
           in HIs field,
           Jai&Yori and LLM Gospel Team.

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