Please stand with Hephzibah... and the power of Jesus' blood and name...big cobra enters house...


Dr.Jorge and sister Anna Parrott,
   Thanks a lot for all your prayers for Hephzibah. Yesturday, I took her to the blood test. It is diagnosed that it is typhoid. And also her ESR is very high now. So he has very bad coughs.
    Now she has been adimitted in the Hospital. She has to take anti-biotic injections, and pills and saline water. She is very weak now. For every five hours she has to get her injection now. We have to pay some medical bill urgently.
    Now, our enemy is attacking our finances now. We just live by Faith and Prayer now. Please do pray for God's immediate provision for the medical bills. We trust in Jesus.
     It is another amazing God's protection is: we live in a house where there are thick bush surrended  by. Every day we face many challenges from reptiles, insects, and monkeys and mosquitos. This morning a big cobra came inside of the house. Only Yori, and little Joshua and myself were there. There was no stick to kill it.
    I was shocked to see it in our house. Immediately there was a word came into my tongue that "I bind the cobra in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus." I keep pronouncing it. Miraculously the cobra could go out nor do any harm me nor any body in the house. At least for 15 minutes, I just stood like that by saying that "blood of Jesus."
    While I was saying the blood of Jesus, miracuoulsy one of my friends came suddenly, and killed the cobra.
    Praise God for His amazing protection. I really thank God for the resurrected power of Jesus when I pronounced "the blood of Jesus and name of Jesus."
        Once again thank you so much for all your prayers and support for the work of God as whole.
              Please stand at the time of trouble such as this. We love you.
             Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.
                            in His field,
                      your brother in Christ,
Note: Pictures are attached. Thanks for your prayers.

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