: Update from Minas Gerais, Brazil and urgent prayer for Dr. Margaret in Nigeria

 From Diana Ortiz, CMM Hispanic Leader in Brazil with healing ministry of Jean Marc Montero Oliviera, CMM army on the front lines.


Blessings to all,
We are safely in Lavras, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.  We had a beautiful scenic view of mountains and hills as we drove here by car, being driven by a brother in the Lord.  The ride was 8 hours and it was very fast, despite the fact that he told us he was driving slow because of us having the luggage on top of his minivan. LOL! Haha. Two of our evangelist brothers from Mississippi, Shannon and David, rode in the car with us, (my kids and I) while Reggie had gone along with Jean Marc in another vehicle. Shannon had the pleasure of riding up front because he gets car sick and he also had the pleasure of seeing the cliffs in front of us and the nice curbs so he made sure to cover us in tongues most of the way! Ha ha!
I want to apologize to some if I haven't kept up current with you, but there are so many people to write and with limited time, I cant look up all the addresses before sending them out.  I have included the emails that I have sent to most at the bottom of this email in case I missed sending you one. 
Concerning the kids health, Sussana is doing good now, still with some coughing, but Ray Emmanuel is still running fever here and there and has alot of congestion.  Please cover him and the rest of us, because we are fighting a virus that's going around that's affecting the throat, but ITS NOT THE SWINE FLU! My throat has been hurting a bit for a few days, but I'm fighting it with Vitamin C. The kids still drink theirs everyday.  God is in control of us and I trust him.  I know that he didn't bring us here to allow for us to be in danger.  I am counting the cost and I know that we take risks but the ones in the Lord are the BEST ONES we can ever take.  I will most likely take my son to the local hospital here, which is not a bad place, to ensure he doesn't have a sinus infection. The ER here in the whole country of Brazil is free. By the way, this town is not at all like Rio de Janeiro, (the city we stayed in was like South Bronx or Harlem of NYC) but its considered country and the people here are like middle class and upper class, though there are some poor people too. 
We are presently staying at a hotel where there is internet, but in a few minutes we will have to check out.  I will try to keep in touch with you all to let you know how all things are doing.  I HAVE ONE LAST PRAYER REQUEST, PLEASE PRAY FOR THE COUNTRY OF NIGERIA.  Some of you may have heard whats going on there with over 700 killed a few days ago because of the muslims killing the Christians, but something else has happened.  Dr. Margaret, CMM Director in Nigeria, the Apostle from United Body of Christ International, in Lagos Nigeria, has come under attack, or I should say her ministry.  The government is taking the land around her and is attempting to take away her property where the homebase of UBCI stands. I was told that some of the property has already been affected and they had already knocked some buildings down. This is the base camp that we stayed in when we were there in February.  Some of the land around them has already been overtaken, by what we were told by a sister in the Lord that Jean Marc knows in London. She was the one that called us and told us a couple of days ago while in Rio.  As soon as I know more I will let you know the update, but we know that this in nothing but the enemy. 
I must go for now, and thank you all for your love and prayers! Much love and blessings to you too!!
Diana Mojica Ortiz, Sussana Eleni Ortiz, Ray Emmanuel Ortiz

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