Cyclone affects devastate Easter India

Pray for CMM friends in India.

Cyclone devastates Andhra Pradesh India

Dear beloved Rev. Jorge

Once again I am writing the Cyclone Disaster which affected in our State our neighbor district of Krishna, Nellore and Karnool. I have got this information recently.


The heavy rainfall in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka came on the back of one of the worst droughts in India. Hundreds of millions of worth of crops have been damaged in the worst floods in a century. Lots of  people have died and over 1.5 million made homeless. More than a million people are now living in temporary relief camps, with others desperately seeking shelter and sustenance. More than 200 villages remain cut-off, though waters are now receding, and in some places food and medicines have been air-dropped by Indian Armed Forces helicopters.


There are Relief workers are trying to transport food and medicines to hundreds of thousands of people who remain cut off in their villages by flood waters. "Rice and other crops in an area of 260,000 hectares (642,000 acres) have been destroyed," said State Agriculture Minister N. Raghuveera Rao. In India 60 percent of the working population relies directly on the land to make a living and another 10 percent indirectly, economists say.


Pastors have had their own church buildings swamped by the floods. So the situation is so  terrible. We have come to know that they don't have safe drinking water, they can't use the latrine because they all are broken; they are not getting food, there are no medical facilities in the affected area."  So I ask you to please think and pray for these Victims comfort.


I am attaching the pictures Disaster and Victims for your kind information.


Yours prayerfully


Pastor Samuel


Note: If you are led to help Pastor Samuel with disaster relief or money for water and food safe for his people donate securely online at or mail your check to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. Mark your check for Pastor Samuel 



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