Mozambique "traditional' dancers come to Jesus

From Danny Bravo, friend of CMM, in Mozambique.

This is just a short note to share with you a little more of what God is doing here in Mozambique.  I don't have any idea when you'll get this because there's no internet here in Estima where we arrived late last night.  We have now started a seminar for leaders (around 15 pastors and 38 other leaders), and tonight we will hold our first crusade here.


We were busy celebrating after dedicating a new church building (entirely managed by the village and church members).  A group of "traditional dancers" came to disrupt our celebration, many were nervous about the possibility of violence breaking out.  Most of you probably know about these traditional dancers who practice ancestor worship and see themselves as animals, normally getting very upset if they are referred to as human beings.  I was surprised as they usually hide from us, it's rare that we get a glimpse of them, and risky to take their pictures.  After a little while of tense discussion, and then not so tense, they all decided to invite Jesus into their lives !!!  Isn't the Holy Spirit exciting?  One of them even came back to watch the Jesus Film when we showed it later that night.  Here are some pictures so you can visualize this better.





















During that celebration, it was also nice to take part in the wedding of one of the church elders.  Weddings do not happen in villages like this, they refer to themselves as married when they start living together. But now that we have introduced them to the concept and invited all "married" couples to now get married before God, this couple with children is the first one, to be followed by many more.  Kenneth and I needed to temporarily give up our wedding rings until after they were married, of course in the village only our team had any rings. 


I hope this is not ancient history by the time you get it, I suspect it may be next Monday on our way to Mutarara through Tete.  Please keep praying for God's will to be done here.  Also keep praying for the vehicles, as we were a day late starting this seminar because of one of the cars. Also pray for the team's health and even their voices, with all this preaching, teaching, singing and translating, together with all the dust, some of the voices are getting strained.


All for Jesus,


                  Danny and Lindy



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