Orphanage Worker Beaten, Stoned in Uganda

Dear Fellow Laborers in the US,

I am kindly requesting for you to say some extra prayers for our team here in Kyenjojo, Uganda.  We have recently had some events occur that have injured some of our workers and friends.  Yesterday our contractor, Christopher, was the victim of a mob mentality and was severely beaten and stoned.  He was taken to a hospital in a nearby town for treatment last night.  We have received a report today that he is improving and that he had no serious internal injuries.  We really give all of the glory to God for the protection that was given to this precious man.  He does have some phsycial wounds on his head and body and has swelling in certain areas.  He has faced much pain over the last two days and definitely needs our prayers.  We are thankful that he has shown great improvement from yesterday, but we are still believing God for a complete recovery.  The doctors are hoping to release him from the hospital tomorrow. 

Secondly, please pray for justice in this situation.  We have filed a report with the police, but corruption among policemen is rampant.  It is many times difficult to find true justice being served.  We pray that everything will be settled in the correct legal manner.

Thirdly, pray for the continued protection of our construction workers and other staff members, including Victor and I.  There have been events that have been happening in Kyenjojo and Uganda at large that threaten to encroach upon our safety and security.  I know that God is in control of each and every situaiton, but we need to really dedicate these issues to prayer.  Some of the people of Uganda desperately need to be given new hearts of love and compassion to replace their hearts of stone.  God is able to transform lives and bring peace and reconciliation where there is hatred and war..

I want to close by giving God all of the glory and praise for watching over us and delivering us from harm.  I know that there are many situations in our lives where we do not realize how much worse the situation could have been if God had not sent his angels to protect and deliver us. Often times we do not even realize we were in danger because of the mighty protection of the Lord around us.  I look back at my time so far in Uganda and am truly grateful that I have not personally been the victim of serious crimes.  I know that God has been holding me safely in His arms and will continue to-as I endeavor to folllow His heart to an area where I am unfamiliar.  I finally want to thank the Lord for his peace that overwhelms my heart when overwhelming situations arise.  It truly is amazing to see how God strengthens and comforts me throughout these situations.  Instead of panicing or obsessively worrying, I find myself resting under the shadow of His wings where I always find refuge.  I want to encourage you that no matter what situation you are facing, God is there waiting for you to rest under his arms and take refuge.  He can give you peace in the midst of chaos.  He can give you rest in the midst of unrest.  He can give you hope in the midst of desperate situations.  He can give you strength in the midst of weariness.  He will prove Himself faithful, if you only give Him a chance.  Keep drawing closer to His heart, and you will find more comfort and encouragement than you could have ever imagined.  It is my prayer that you will experience the true joy and peace of the Lord no matter what storms arise in your life.  As long as we live on this earth we are bound to face face trouble, but as long as we have Jesus in our hearts, we never have to face it alone.  We always have our "Big Daddy" beside us to offer strength and protection.

May God bless you during this day.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  We are truly grateful to you.  Your prayers are making a difference!  Never cease to pray!  We love you.

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Faithfully Surrendered to Christ,
Alissa Sande    .


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