REVIVALPOST from TAHITI (Sept-Nov. 2009)


 Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" (Is. 60:1)
Edualdo, Aline, Kori, Erika, Silvio & Benji Cicero
French Polynesia (South Pacific)
Sept. - Nov. 2009
Dear friends & partners,
This season has made us increasingly aware of the need for more supernatural healing to take place and help us be more committed to God's agenda (i.e. "destroy the works of the devil"). The Healing Rooms have been a major blessing to those that have come to receive as well as to those who have been on the ministry side. We had to deal with such cases as breast cancer, heart conditions, arthritis, asthma, sore throat, kidney problems, diabetes, headaches, sinus condition, etc. Wow!! It's amazing and breathtaking to see how many people have been healed, blessed, relieved from pain, and cured of all kinds of physical conditions. However, we have also been ministering to broken hearts and have noticed that in the process of wanting to see God touch people's bodies we were often dealing with broken lives and souls needing inner healing. In fact, a majority of the people we prayed for did sense the love of God engulf their souls during ministry time.
We are so blessed to see the hunger of some believers who have encounters with a powerful and loving God that does want to connect with our hearts and cause us to live seeking His Kingdom first. Seeing God at work is definitely causing a much greater pull for knowing Him and becoming more passionate about His need to see more hearts finding Him and surrendering their lives to Him. This is what has been happening during our once a month Treasure Hunt outreaches in downtown Papeete. Seven or eight of us have been taking the challenge to go out after a short time of sharing the purpose of Treasure Hunt and receiving some guidance from the Holy Spirit. The results have been astounding with hearts been awakened to the reality of a loving God in pursuit of those that He wants to draw to Himself. During the last outreach we saw how this lady who was singled out through the words we had received previously in prayer became so turned on by the accuracy of what we were sharing to her that she cried each time she realized that what we were sharing with her was accurate. Her boyfriend was violent to her and she was very worried about her life and the life of her 7 months old child. It did minister to her to realize that God heard her prayers and her cries for help and that He had sent us to her to reach out in love. We left her full of hope and determination to do what was necessary to protect her life and her baby's life.
OUR LAST MARAMA NIGHT (Nov. 14th, 2009)
The Marama Night outreaches we have organized since January 2007 still draw the attention of the youth. We have a threefold purpose for those outreaches which are FUN, FRIENDSHIP & FELLOWSHIP. Marama Nights encourage the expression of talent in all its artistic variety, while providing a secure environment free of drugs and alcohol and keeping youth away from trouble. It is of course an attempt to offer to those who perform and to those who are watching the opportunity to have a personal encounter with God since part of the content of Marama Night is geared toward the Gospel and believers are encouraged to reach out on an individual basis.
              A very excited crowd of people watching the various performances                          Singing was also an important part of the Marama Night youth outreach
During our last Marama Night we had the contribution of various groups of different backgrounds. It was so special to see the dances performed with such amazing passion. You will see below a link to one of the groups that was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd at McDonald's where the Marama Night took place in downtown Papeete. The message of Jesus' love is always at the center of each Marama Night and can be expressed in so many creative ways.
THIERRY KOPP IN TAHITI (Nov. 20th to Nov. 29th)
We are welcoming a minister from France, Thierry Kopp, who has been our guest in 2008. Part of our calling is also to provide a platform of expression for ministries coming from overseas. We believe it is going to be a very blessed time and we hope that it will bring a clearer vision to many as to the direction of the Lord but also an opportunity for healing and salvation in the lives of people.
Thierry Kopp began to share with the leaders of various ministries about Reformation, how it will change the dynamics of Church life and how it should lead believers to have a significant impact in the world. Up to now, we've lived very exciting times with people having encounters with the love of the Father. Even the vice-mayor of Papeete was touched by God in one of the meetings and cried profusely during prayer. We believe this is a time for many to receive inner healing and discover their true identity in Christ through God the Father. Other meetings are being planned for this week including a retreat for couples and singles.
OUR SELECTIONS FOR YOU (click on the following links and watch!)
1. This is about a great message mix by Bill Johnson stating that GOD IS GOOD and that He wants to heal the sick:
2. The Vaimarama group from Papeari district that performed during our last Marama Night youth event at McDonald's in downtown Papeete: 
We want to thank God for many things but especially for:
- the many healings during our Healing Rooms and the God-encounters during Treasure Hunts;
- the health that we're now enjoying (after some fatigue and illness of our bodies in September);
- Erika's amazing spiritual saga at the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry that she enjoys so much;
- Thierry Kopp who is visiting Tahiti right now and for a refreshing over believers and ministries;
- the greater sense of unity among Christian leaders during our once a week prayer meeting;
- Aline's opportunity to have a teaching contract to help students of a public school;
- the amazing provision for our family (including our daughters studying overseas).
We also would like to share some of our prayer needs:
- Thierry Kopp's ministry time in Tahiti and many saved, healed and revived hearts;
- a good heart connection with our teenage boys and a drawing of their hearts toward the Lord;
- for protection and provision over our girls (Kori & Erika) who are studying overseas (France & USA);
- a more clearly defined vision concerning our lives and ministry;
- the planning of activities that would be in line with our God given vision;
- more consistent income to cover our ongoing life and ministry expenses;
- for the healing anointing to increase during Healing Rooms and whenever we pray for the sick;
- for God to bring those ministries that are strategically needed to bless our nation.
We would be happy to know how to pray for you. Send your requests to !!
His love endures for ever!
Edualdo & Aline Cicero
BP 40394 Fare Tony
98713 Papeete - TAHITI

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