Update on Ugandan Construction Manager Stoned and Beaten

Dear Precious Friends,

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers.  We greatly appreciate them.  They have been impacting our lives in Kyenjojo!  Christopher was released from the hospital Friday afternoon.  He is recovering, but he is still in an incredible amount of pain.  We need to continue to pray for his total healing.  His back is causing him the most pain.  The bricks and stones inflicted serious injuries on that part of his body.  He is also experiencing pain in a number of other areas.  He needs the touch of the Lord.  We thank God that Christopher survived this event.  We know that it was only by the divine intervention of God that he is alive today.  I praise the Lord for his delivering power and faithfulness! 

We need to continue to pray about the resolution to this situation.  We need justice to be implemented in this case.  Please continue to pray for the hearts of the policemen and the other legal authorities who will be handling this case.  Pray that they show complete fairness and do not act corruptly. 

Finally, continue to pray for the protection of all of us.  The workers have still been receiving threats from people in the town, but we know that our God is able to bring calmness and reconciliation to this situation.  I am praying that the people who convicted the crime will have hearts that are remorseful and will turn to the Lord.  I long to see the salvation of their souls!

Thank you again for all of your prayers and your comforting and encouraging words.  I truly appreciate all of you.  May God richly bless you.

Faithfully Surrendered to Christ,
Alissa Cooper Sande

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