New, FREE e-Book: "Jesus, Unleashed" (Merry Christmas!)

 By Joel Killion

Well, after many years of hard work and many of months of laborious editing, "Jesus, Unleashed" is finally finished. Many of you have asked about it at various times over these last few years and I appreciate your patience. The official webpage for this free book can be accessed by clicking here.


I hope you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I have. Perhaps, one day I will publish it in hard-copy, but, for now, I wanted to make it available to you for free. Please let me know what you think. Perhaps your feedback will make it even better.


We love you all. God bless you & Merry Christmas.


The Killion Family


(Note: This is not spam but has been sent out once to everyone in my address book to announce this new release. This will not be repeated. If it is, by accident, we apologize. Blessings)

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