Torricos Update From Bolivia


Cochabamba, December 2009


Dear co- workers on the Vineyard of the Lord:


May grace and peace of the Lord be upon each one of you.

Let's praise the Lord together for his wonderful blessings, even with political difficulties and limited resources; God has been good to us, giving us the opportunity to spread his Word. In certain occasions doors were open like in the best times, and what we were lacking was time to reach all the places, even when we tried to be the minimal amount of time at home.

On the same way the Lord is providing more opportunities for Jaime Jr. on conferences. We pray that God will use him as much as he used Gaby and me through these almost 39 years at his service; we believe that the time has come for Carola and Jaime Jr. to share a major part of the responsibilities in the ministry.

Some of the places where we have been preaching are: Chapare, Aiquile, Palacios, Challapata, and of course in the city of Cochabamba and the small missions in the high valleys.

After a while, many churches have remembered to put focus on evangelism, thanks to the Lord in this way it was possible for us to guide hundreds of souls to the Saviors feet, but even like the double of that amount, were the number of believers doing reconciliations with the Lord, especially those that were mislead by the policies of the current government.

On the other side it's a special blessing to distribute Bibles to the teachers of rural areas, as time permitted; we were able to reach with this material the teachers that work on remote areas away from our cities. Many of them accepted Christ on their hearts. This on the other hand leaves the doors open to be able to preach on their schools on the future.

It seems that our government has given instructions to put obstacles on the regular mailing in this month, or we don't know maybe just until the elections on this December are finished (this is very strange for us). We apologize that this year we may not be able to send our holiday greetings as usual and since Christmas is getting close, we take advantage of this opportunity to wish you from our hearts our greetings and blessings in this season, may the Lord will fill your lives with his richest blessings during these holidays.


Yours in Christ,


For all the Torrico's, Jaime Sr.



Prayer requests


·       This December the 6th, we have elections in Bolivia; our prayer is that God will allow a change of president in Bolivia, so please pray for this request.

·       For the Lord's guidance to continue the ministry even if there are deeper political changes in our country.

·       For guidance and provision of material for Jaime Jr. to start a ministry with Pastor's kids.

·       That the protecting hand of the Lord will be over our children, guarding then from any political influence on their education.


  Editor's Note: If you are led to support or partner with the Torricos in Bolivia, send in your gift to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 or donate securely on line at

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