Fresh Report from Pastor Vincent (CMM) in Citi Soleil, Haiti--Disaster shakes Haiti!

From Pastor VIncent in Citi Soleil: 
To get involved: pray, give, or go, see below.


Greeting to you all,


Thank you for your prayer. My daughter and I are safe but there are no words and pictures to explain what I saw. This catastrophe is cruel; right now there are over 100,000 people dead and 2,000,000 people hurt by this situation. My school and my church ground in Cite Soleil have about 2,000 people there for safety. Everybody is on the street, they don't want to get inside their house. We need water and medical assistant and food for now. The school wall and half of the school building are completely destroyed.

We are asking you for solidarity. It is a mess; children bodies and adults are every where in Port-au-Prince and under the cement brick, there's no electricity and communication almost for 3 days, the reason why we were not able to communicate.


Thanks for your love, concern and our prayer.

That's all I could say right now.

If you are interested to see my pictures, just ask for because there is much devastation


Soon I get my head together I'll send you another e-mail.

Thank God I'm alive,

God Bless,

Astrel Vincent

MorningStar/CMM Missions is coordinating  relief efforts . Teams are leaving Sunday. We will be delivering in person water, food, and medicines to people we know in person. Hand delivering basic needs is the best way to insure our friends are able to survive. Some would say it is easier to just send money to the big humanitarian aid groups and that is fine, but when you know these people as we do, like family, we will do whatever we can to deliver in person to make sure of their survival. These folks  are family.  Pray for the safety of our teams and our faithful missionaries.  Haiti will know the love of our Father God and we believe  Haiti will be won over to the Lord.

At this time we are asking for people with CERT, IDRN, HISG, IFOC or medically trained volunteers who are equipped to handle as first responder trauma teams.

A ton of rice is available through our friends. More aid will come. Our volunteer army is paying their own way to personally sacrifice their time and resources to go. Will you help? Any gift will go along way.

Additional teams may be going each week. Contact Jorge Parrott at for more info or to join a team.  803-802-5544 x 391

Donations can be done online at and go to "how can I help". Click on 'donate now' or mail your checks to CMM 375 Star Light Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29715.

100% of funds go to help disaster victims we know .

Thanks for your thoughtful prayers.

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