Note: A team of friends of MorningStar/CMM is going down tomorrow and more folks going next week to help Pastor VIncent. We have been blessed with an ambulance and  a truck and working on a medical self contained medical/surgical unit. Doctors, nurses, first responders are forming.  We need funds to help buy food and water and meds and supplies, van rentals from Dom Rep. and fuel and security guards. 100% of funds go to help victims.  This is hands on, on hearts. Pray for the new God foundation which can not be shaken for Haiti. They are so ready for a change.

We are partnering with friends and fellow ministries in unity to help as much as we can directly people that we know or are friends know. Thousands has been donated or on the way. We thank God for the generosity of His people in time of need.

You can donate online at:

Or mail to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.

From Terry Snow with YWAM in Haiti

Today we bought 15 25lb bags of rice in St. Marc. To our knowledge it was the last available rice in all of St. Marc city and province! This is getting serious friends. What the UN and Government people may not be taking into thought is the mass number of people that are evacuating PAP. This is devasting the supplies in the province. One of the largest wholesalers in St. Marc has empty depots tonight with no word on when he might be able to get more bulk food!
Victims of PAP are now beginning to fill churches in St. Marc and we are looking at potentially staging two additional camps here in this city as well as our staging points in PAP.
FUEL is gone, vehicles are being parked! We have to have fuel if we are going to survive, much less help the victims!
I have worked most of the day on the opening of the port of St. Marc. US Coast Guard has come and inspected the port. I have spoken to the person in charge of security and we are close to having green lights from the customs office to open the port to allow aid supplies to pass through for little to no charge!
If you have a container of food or building supplies that is ready to send, please contact us or Bill Colman at Bill has done much shipping into the port of St. Marc and is assembling three small vessels that can quickly load and offload at the port of St. Marc. However we need 40 containers to fill the ship for it to be able to leave. The ships are located in the Miami / Everglades Florida area. 888-763-2999.
We need Rice, Beans, Cooking oil, Tomato paste, spagetti, soap, tarps, tents, wood, tin roofing, foam matress of sleep cots etc. Please contact us for an updated list!
We still have no communication worth mentioning with cell phones.
As I prayed today I felt God speak that a new beginning is coming to Haiti. Decisons for their future hang in the balance. Let's pray that the Haitian people will respond to God's love and make the right choices that will bring them healing and blessing!
Taking the High Places!
Terry W. Snow
National Director
YWAM Haiti

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