Updates from the first CMM team in Haiti--Lives Saved!

Hello Praying Saint,

Thank you for praying and giving. Our first team into Pastor Vincent in Citi Soleil saw lives being saved. The team left Santo Domingo early Monday morning and we knew it would be good to have armed DR military guards along for the ride. Several near riots occurred as starving, thirsty Haitians saw our vans with water and food coming through. They arrived safely at Vincent's school compound and gave out water and food to many. Vincent estimates between 1,000 and 2,000 had been staying in the school building.

Just three days ago Vincent wrote of the horror of hearing voices under the rubble and not being able to move the heavy rubble to save people. That kind of trauma often stays with a person a long time. Soon, we will have special CISM counselors there to help debrief and comfort these precious folks. You can help send the comforters. CISM is the program recommended by the UN for disaster counseling.

Port Au Prince is devastated. In some places more than half of the buildings are fallen and unsafe. Dead bodies lie in piles awaiting pick up. When reports had come in of available food and water in some other area, many people were fearful of the unsafe conditions and did not want to leave their neighborhoods. We have a dear friend, Victor Rodriguez, of Santo Domingo, DR, making supply runs each day back to the DR border from PAP.

MorningStar is mobilizing teams from the awesome Disaster Relief training completed since the time of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Much has been learned and many strategic relationships have been formed with well trained, knowledgeable organizations like www.HISG.org and www.starfishcommunity.net and many other well run, professional organizations that are on the leading edge of real, effective, efficient, compassionate disaster relief. Soon, more than 50,000 meals will be served daily. Water will be filtered and given to all the thirsty ones.

At this time we are limiting teams to Phase 1 first responders who have certifications from CERT, IFOC, CISM, or medically licensed. We believe it will be a short time before willing hearts and backs can go in. First, we must assure our people that security is in place and volunteers will not be endangered. So, do contact us at cmmarmy@gmail.com and let us know of your readiness and ability to pay your own way. We will use you, you will work, you will get dirty, and you might get broken.

Some great friends are offering telemed services connecting our Doctors and Nurses in Haiti to John Hopkins University, the University of Edinburgh, and the top medical facilities in the world.  Portable water filtration plants are on the way. over 500 cargo containers of urgent food and resources from many different ministries and humanitarian aid  groups are being coordinated. We should be very proud to live in such a giving nation.

Yes, bring medical supplies. We can write a letter for donations, etc.  Most airlines are waiving charges for excess baggage, check your carrier. Yes, those items listed are most needed. At Vincent's compound and nearby field hospital being set up. We are in network with many large ministries, as in Katrina days, and we all share resources and people, so everyone stays busy and our first priority is helping as many in need as possible.Yes, bring food for yourselves, although, with each week, we see improvements in that. That may change and you may not have to bring food, it depends. Yes, 7 days is all we recommend due to potential trauma.

Our first team got in yesterday and saved some lives. We have water coming in each day now, and food, so survival is met for our key friends of about 2,000. We had almost $10,000 come in yesterday, Praise God!  Medical teams and tele-meds being pledged, although satcoms phones are being jammed due to traffic. We are lining up ham radios for base camp in SC and one in Haiti.

You are making a difference. 100% of funds given is going into Haiti. Not many of the large aid groups can attest to that.

Please tell other churches and groups of the great training in Disaster Response offered www.morningstarministries.org  and we invite you to get prepared yourself.

Many are speaking of seeing a New Haiti. Pray for the New Haiti and what that might look like. We have an opportunity to shape what the New Haiti will be like. Quality education, adequate nutrition, quality health care, truth and justice and righteousness prevailing in all sectors of government, business, and education.  We all desire that for every nation.  Haiti gives the world that opportunity to bring restoration to a land devastated by this horrendous disaster. Let's unite to help the less fortunate and share the kind of love they are longing so much for and many have been missing for a long, long time.

Thanks for praying.

Jorge and many volunteers.


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