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Hello, I have several families whom eat once a day and the Lord has pressed in my heart to start feeding the hungry families of this community, I need to know how we can begin this work as soon as possible. I took one of the children from my Hatillo church home last night, and I asked him what did he want for dinner he replied I already ate around four this afternoon, I said well people eat 3 times a day , he said I only eat once a day, he wears short pants to his knees and has no underwear and no shoes, his name is Anderson and he is from Haiti 9 years old, but looks like a six year old. his mom has eight more like him whom are eating maybe once a day. And like them there are many.
I would like to feed them rice, beans. and cooking oil, I would like to give them enough for a month. maybe 100 dollars per family.
There is a picture of just one family.
Today I took Anderson shopping he did not know how to cross the streets gave me a scare, I don't have much but I trusted God with what little I had and bought him pants, shirts, and one pair of underwear,... I said Lord you know am almost broke, but I trust you, this child has touched my heart, ....Minutes later my son called me from the States said mom I just put  a little money in the bank for you!! I begun to cry , the Lord returned my gift faster then I could shop..!!
Veronica Freites

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