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Oh WoW!!!! Healing river flowing in the UK
Sorry it's been so long since our last update; we haven't had much time to write but God is doing amazing things.
In this newsletter:
Miracles in the café
New shop in Chester
Presence of Jesus
More miracles, salvations, healings and deliverance
Holy Spirit high is better than drugs!
Demons flee
Here are just some of the recent miracles Jesus is doing here in Chester, UK….
Taxi driver feels something leave his body!
On Friday in the café we met a taxi driver who came in with his grown-up daughter. She'd been in last week and we'd prayed for her and her friend. They'd both felt the presence of Jesus really strongly and she'd told her Dad who didn't believe her! He agreed to come into the café with her yesterday as he'd seen her circumstances change for the better since we prayed last week. He told us he had diabetes. We invited the Holy Spirit and commanded the diabetes to leave his body. He said, "Wooooaaahh what was that?" He described the feeling as though something left his body!! He was amazed. His daughter said, "See?!" They both said they wanted to know Jesus, so they prayed out and asked Him to forgive them and for Jesus to come into their lives. The daughter said her heart felt heavy and her Dad said he felt cold in his stomach, but it felt good! They were asking about meetings and if they could bring the whole family.
Spirit on the high street!
We had no plans to open a shop, it just happened so quickly!! We were planning to sell MorningStar products online and then when we heard that the last Christian bookshop in the city was closing, we noticed a shop with offices up for rent on Northgate Street, and before we knew it we'd agreed to take it!
As well as Christian books, Bibles and music, we also sell furniture, interior décor, gifts, jewellery and coffee. Sales are going well and Jesus is showing up in power, just as He does in our Blacon café. The first day we opened we sold half the stock. The shop is called Spirit (after the Holy Spirit), but as it doesn't look like a typical Christian bookshop, we attract a lot of people who don't know Jesus. (Visit our website
Salvation and glory on opening day
The day we opened, a woman who owns a shop nearby came in. We got talking and she said she was depressed. Her sister died and she hadn't got over it. We offered to pray for her and told her that we could tell the depression to go in the name of Jesus, but it may come back if she isn't following Jesus and filled with His Spirit. So she gave her life to Jesus!! Justin Abraham and some friends happened to be in the shop, so who better to pray for her to be filled with the joy of the Lord?!! So they were praying with her and they were all having a great time!
Tom got whacked in the Holy Spirit and was rolling round on the floor. Justin went and prayed for him. This was all happening in the middle of the shop and it was packed with customers! Two well dressed ladies came in and were trying to look at the interior décor gifts on the shelves. I said, "Don't mind the man on the floor, he's full of the Holy Spirit, just step over him!" They said OK, stepped over him and acted as though it was an everyday occurrence! It was so funny.
DSC00100 (4).jpg
The lady who got saved that day came in a couple of weeks later and brought her daughter and her daughter's fiancé. We began to prophesy over them and tell them about Jesus. The shop was full of customers, and as we stood in the middle of the shop they gave their lives to Jesus, and then we broke off some demonic stuff and cast out some demons!! They'd been going to a spiritualist church so they renounced all that first.
Later on their mother came back, this time with her son, aged 24. He didn't know anything about Jesus, but he'd been getting in trouble and she wanted some prayer for him. Standing in the middle of the shop, we prayed, "Lord, show him that you're real." About 2 seconds later, 10 books flew off the shelf and landed at his feet! He was shocked! All the books were identical; 'You may all prophesy' by Steve Thompson!! Thinking this was probably a word of knowledge we asked him, "Do you know things sometimes before they happen?" He said yes, and he was a bit scared and didn't know what it meant. We told him that God had given him a gift of prophecy but it was important that he follow Jesus, otherwise the enemy would use the gift for his purposes. So right there and then he gave his life to Jesus. Since then he has changed and is not getting into trouble. His mother is so pleased!!
This week we decided to put up a sign "TODAY! FREE! HEALINGS! MIRACLES!" outside the shop on the pavement. A couple came in asking how much for a miracle?!
The woman had bronchitis, was in pain and had difficulty breathing. She breathed in the Holy Spirit, we told the spirit of fear to leave, it did, taking the pain with it and she could breathe easily. We told her about Jesus and she asked Him into her life!!
Jeanette healing 20.06.10.jpg
Outside we heard two women talking about the sign. We prayed for one who had broken a metatarsal in her foot and it was strapped up in a boot. She said it went tingly and then the pain left. She needs to go for an xray for confirmation. She said she'd come into town to help her friend walk along as her friend was in so much pain. Her friend had bad arthritis in both knees and even though she had two sticks she was walking so slowly. She sat down, we prayed, she jumped up with no pain, gave me her sticks and began to walk up and down the pavement saying, "I can't believe it!!"
They both asked Jesus to come into their lives.
Soon afterwards, a woman came into the shop saying, "Is this where Jesus heals people? Have I come to the right place?" She had been in the gym round the corner, the two ladies who were just saved and healed came walking in, everyone in the gym who knew them was amazed to see the lady who couldn't walk without her sticks, using all the gym equipment!!! She told all the other women, "Jesus healed me at the shop round the corner", and this woman had come to get healing for her family members. We prayed with her. Just as she was leaving, two more women came in asking the same thing. They too had been in the gym. They were sisters. One had a prolapsed disc in her back and lots of pain since 1976!! It was also now in her hip. We prayed and she said the pain had gone from 9/10 in severity to 2/10. We prayed again believing God for complete healing and she told us there was ZERO pain!! First time in 34 years!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus. She was bending and moving with no pain at all.
Her sister was next. She had arthritis in her legs from her hips to her toes, with pain and stiffness. We prayed for her, told her to jump up out of her chair which she did, and she told us that all the pain and stiffness was gone. She folded up her stick and said she wouldn't need to use that again! Come on Jesus, you're amazing!!! Then they both gave their lives to Him. They told us how they'd gone to church when they were teenagers, but they haven't followed Him since then. They are now retired. They looked much happier. They didn't seem shocked by the dramatic healings, but I suppose they had come in expecting it!!
A woman who happened to be in the shop saw this going on and asked if she could have some of that!! She said she didn't believe, would it matter? We said you will when you're healed and we prayed for her arthritic knee. She said she'd bought The Shack from our shop recently and had really enjoyed it. She won't know if she's healed until she tries to get up out of bed. People are still continuing to come in asking for a miracle after seeing others who have received a touch from God!
Then a woman passing the front of the shop was in pain with reflux, she was prayed for and felt cool and peace on the inside and no more pain.
ASBO hoodie Holy Spirit shooby doobie!!
Jack's ear.jpg
I love hanging out with the local youth. They come into our Blacon café for a chat and some Holy Spirit! A lot of young people have been healed and a number of them have given their lives to Jesus. They like to experience the presence of Jesus and His power, and talk about casting out demons!! Often they fall off buildings whilst burgling houses or get into fights and come into the café for a miracle of healing. We need people to train them and love them.
A 12 year old boy came into the café and picked up a leaflet on our church and left again! We wondered what he was doing, so went and sat by him on the wall with his friends. It turned out he was using the card as a roach in the end of his spliff to smoke his cannabis!! We prayed for them and told them about Jesus. We cancelled the effect of the drugs through the name of Jesus and released some Holy Spirit shooby doobie! They began to get high on the Holy Spirit and felt relaxed, peaceful and loved on the inside. One lad sitting on the wall said his dad's knee had been healed in the café last year and it was still fine. He happened to have injured his knee too, so we prayed and the pain left. He was really shocked!! He kept asking lots of questions about why Jesus went to the cross and wanted more prayer.
Later a guy on a push bike came by with a broken, cracked elbow. He didn't believe we could do miracles so we did one! We proved to him that Jesus is real and moving in power. The pain left and he could move it freely. He looked scared! He offered us £20 but we said we don't want his money, he can thank Jesus instead!!
Two 12 year old boys came into the café. They had heard about the miracles and put their heads round the door to have a look. We invited them in, got them to hold hands with us and they breathed in the Holy Spirit. They began to get the giggles and one said his legs felt like jelly. We then got some words of knowledge about them being good at maths and science and they told us they'd just been to the Science Museum in London the previous day and loved it. They both gave their lives to Jesus and came back in later to pick up a Bible.
When Evil Calls.jpg
Green shirt and dodgy wrist
J comes to School of the Spirit and volunteers in the café. After being encouraged to get words of knowledge for people, he asked the Lord to give him a word for someone. He felt there would be someone wearing a green T-shirt with a wrist problem. He gave the word in his church but no-one came forward. Afterwards someone wearing a green T-shirt under his jacket came forward with a sprained wrist. J prayed for it and he was healed. The following week another guy came up to J and said he was wearing a green T-shirt the previous week and had a long term problem with both wrists that were extremely painful. He went to sleep that night grabbing both wrists, crying out to God for Him to heal them. The next morning he awoke completely healed! Then a third person came up to J. He was wearing a green top and had a damaged wrist. He was healed too. The following week a teenage girl (not knowing about any of this), arrived at School of the Spirit with a bandaged wrist, wearing a green T-shirt. She was healed during the worship without anyone praying for her!!! Goes to show it's always worth asking the Holy Spirit for words of knowledge. He is constantly looking for opportunities to do miracles.
We were speaking at an event and had only just begun when a guy put up his hand and shouted out, "I've just got revelation that as a Christian I have authority over sickness. I've had fallen arches and I've just been healed". He was running round the room with apparently no problems with his feet! So we asked if anyone else had a similar problem and he went and laid hands on them and used the authority he just realised he had and prayed for healing for them. Later a woman needing a new hip walked off OK. A guy who was booked in for an op on his hand was healed. His finger was bent over and wouldn't straighten. It did after Jesus touched it!! A woman with polymyalgia(?) had pain everywhere for a long time. She had a curse broken off her and said she was instantly healed.
Atheist healed!
A musician from Liverpool came into 'Spirit' with his wife. He told us he was an atheist but even so he let us pray for him and tell the sciatica he'd had for years to leave!!! And leave it did. He said all the pain left, and he looked a bit shocked. His wife said, "See, I told you there was a God!"
A guy came into the café from out of the area. He was working locally. He said his brother is born again, but he is a non-believer and has issues with God! We asked him if he had any aches or pains. He said he had lots of pain in his shoulders, back and legs. He let us pray and the pain left straight away!! He was really shocked. He also felt something tingling all over his body. We explained that was the Holy Spirit. He liked it!! We managed to answer the questions he had and he was so pleased he asked for a Bible and info on how to become a Christian!!
Ministry in your sleep
A teenage girl who comes to our School of the Spirit meetings had fallen badly whilst ice-skating and hurt her coccyx. In the middle of the night she dreamed that one of us prayed for her and when she awoke next morning she was healed!!
Demons and Salvation
A lady came into our Blacon café. She didn't know Jesus but someone had told her she had a spirit of fear. She said, "God if I have a spirit of fear, get someone else to tell me." She came into the café an hour or so later and someone started talking to her about knowing Jesus. Then they told her that she had a spirit of fear! She looked shocked. She wanted to give her life to Jesus but was unable to say the words, so we got her to renounce the spirit of fear and tell it to leave which she did and it did, and then she was able to get saved! Her whole countenance changed.
We were casting out demons one evening and a lady came forward for deliverance. She suffered from anxiety and had severe back pain at the base of her spine. As we were telling the spirits to leave, the pain became intense in her back and also in her wrist, but we explained that it was the spirits trying to get her to stop. It didn't take long for them to come out and she stood up straight, free from pain!! She said, "I've had a pain in the arse all these years and I never realised it was demons. What a bloomin' cheek!!!" She kept laughing and had such a big smile on her face she was glowing!! It's so much fun setting the captives free. Another person got free of the spirit of addiction and felt it coming out of his stomach. He was smiling and felt lighter and happier too.
Happy Shoppers
A lady came into the shop and apologised for not being able to speak properly, but she'd had bad sinusitis for a long time and the doctors couldn't do anything else. We prayed and she could breathe through both nostrils easily for the first time!
A woman shuffled in, bent over a walker. She found it hard to speak as well as walk. She gave her life to Jesus. She had osteoporosis of the spine and her ankles were very swollen. We prayed for her feet and the swelling disappeared before our eyes! She jumped up out of her chair and walked quickly across the shop floor. Amazing! She asked for a Bible and for someone to visit her.
A lady from Liverpool was in the shop with her friend.  She had tendon trouble in her arm and couldn't point her finger or lift her elbow. As we prayed she felt something strange happening, she looked at her arm and we noticed a white line as wide as a ribbon from her index finger to her elbow, just under the skin. The pain left and she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, she was then able to point and raise her arm! She said, "I'm off to the pub tonight to play darts. I haven't been able to do that in ages!" The following day I was chatting to a doctor friend and he said there's a tendon that goes from your finger to your elbow, exactly the place we saw it appear on her arm! Strange but true.
MorningStar Prophetic Roundtable
We hosted this event in Chester and had a great time, although the volcano in Iceland erupted the day the conference began and almost all of our friends from America had to find new ways of getting into the UK from the countries they'd landed in across Europe!!
We had a great time recently at MorningStar. We were ordained by Rick Joyner in what began as a very serious, solemn occasion and ended with most people on the floor!! It was powerful stuff.
Coming home in the airport we sat opposite two women, both with crutches. We couldn't ignore them, knowing the fact that we carry the healing power of Jesus, so we went up to them feeling a bit embarrassed and offered to pray for them. They both agreed; in fact one of them said whilst we're at it could we pray for her shoulder and her other leg too too!! Neither of them knew Jesus. We just had time to pray before boarding, whereupon they both stood up and walked pain free! God's so good.
Whilst we were away a Muslim lady came in the shop wanting her dream interpreted. Whilst she was there she spent £56 on Christian books! Jesus, show her you're the Way, the Truth and the Life!!
At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow!
Two young women were being prophesied to in the café and a guy with them was distracting them. He kept talking and walking about. It was the demons manifesting! I said something like, "I bind those spirits in the name of Jesus, be quiet!" He sneered, "You can't do that!" I said, "Too late, I just did!!" It was so funny! He was quiet and sat down, then he left. It was the same guy who a few months ago after being prayed for said, "You've got the power of God! You've got the power of God!"
Outside the café we met a guy who had just been discharged from hospital. He had a tube coming out of his lung, through a hole in his side and it went down into a carrier bag that he was holding! It was pretty disgusting. We prayed for healing, he felt something happening and got saved! Then we had to dash to catch a train.
Animals healed too!
A guy who has been healed of various ailments in the Blacon café brought his dog into our shop for healing. The dog had injured his leg and was limping. One of our volunteers was in there with her 5 year old daughter. The little girl prayed for the dog and he was healed and walked off fine! She said, "I healed the dog!!"
Miracles at a Wedding
Two members of our congregation got married. Last year in the café, a guy whose little finger had snapped due to osteoporosis was healed and he got saved. We met him at the wedding and were chatting to his two teenage sons. They were really interested in hearing about Jesus, especially when they experienced the presence of His Spirit! They told us they both suffer from scoliosis, their spines were curved and caused pain. We prayed and they both felt tingling down their spines, they liked it! Then they both asked Jesus into their lives! One of them prayed for his Dad's ear too! They live in Liverpool but came into the café a few weeks later to say their backs are pain free and they think the problem's gone!! Thank you Jesus.
More miracles in our Blacon café
Praying for Len.jpgPhoto by Chris Furlong, Getty Images
A guy came in with pain in his upper back, it had been there for ages he said, and constantly hurt. He didn't know it was a Jesus café when he came in but he soon found out!! After he was prayed for, he felt his back go warm and tingle. The pain left. Click here for the video.
We were chatting to a guy when I saw what looked like a bright light appear on his face for a couple of seconds. I realised it was time for him to know Jesus so I asked him if he wanted to and he said yes. So he got saved and said he felt different on the inside. He came back later saying he felt like a different person!
Some young guys in trouble with the police came into the café. They thought they were cool until we invited the Holy Spirit to do something and they began to burn up, they went bright red and were sweating profusely. Then they got 'high' on the Holy Spirit. They left quickly looking very scared!!
A workman from Liverpool came in the café for a takeout breakfast. He had a problem with his ankle, he couldn't move it without pain and couldn't play footie anymore. We prayed, the pain left and he shouted, "Jesus Christ!!" I was like, "yeah, that's who just healed your foot!!" He kept saying thank you, then left smiling.
I've got that Friday feeling!!
We've had a lot of miracles happen on a Friday for some reason. Here's a selection:
A woman stopped for a coffee in the shop and needed healing. Last year she'd had an accident where a cement mixer had ploughed into the back of her car. She had problems with her head, neck and shoulder and couldn't touch her nose or smile on one side of her face, or move her arm without pain. We prayed. She was healed. She smiled perfectly, the pain left and she could touch her nose again!!
Two ladies were in the shop watching this happen at the same time as they were looking at gifts. I said, "We do miracles too!" One of them said, "How much?" We said they're free. She explained that she needed one, particularly for her mind. I told her it was evil spirits. She asked God to forgive her, renounced the demons, she told them to leave and some left! Then she asked Jesus into her life! Then we prayed with a Reiki Master who believed in healing but was riddled with pain!! We explained that if you're not using the power of the Holy Spirit to heal, then it's very likely to be an evil spirit. She felt the power of God and began to cry.
There were some 15 year old guys outside the café. One with a broken arm. It was a compound fracture. We prayed and the pain left. Then he could straighten his fingers. He wanted to know Jesus so he got saved. We offered him a Bible but he said he's already asked his mum to buy him one! He'd been watching the videos of miracles on our website and it made him hungry for God!! He said to his friend, "I've just given my life to Jesus, do you want to?" His friend said "na".
Terry Fingers (the one who got healed when we told all the glass to come out of his body in the name of Jesus and also got saved) brought a friend into the café. He had an elongated spine. We prayed and he said he felt "rocky". He said if he closed his eyes he'd fall over. He won't know if he's healed til he sits down for a long time. He asked Jesus into his life and said, "Wow, that feels good!" He tried to read some scripture but told us he needed glasses but couldn't afford them. He couldn't work out any words at all. We prayed for his eyes, for 20:20 vision and told him to try reading again. He was amazed as he read each word perfectly!! Thank you Jesus.
School of the Spirit
During the worship time a group of local lads came in. They came and sat on the front row. We began to prophesy and pray over them. A guy who hadn't been to SOS before came out, and he gave them his testimony of how he had been in prison for a long time and was a drug dealer and alcoholic, and how his life has changed since he met Jesus. He warned them not to make the same mistakes he did. We asked if any of them wanted to give their lives to Jesus, and the ringleader of the group came out and knelt down at the front. He began to shake and went very hot as he gave his life to Jesus. He said something was happening on the inside that felt good!! It was the first time the guy who gave his testimony had led someone to the Lord. A few days later the new Christian was praying for one of his friends with a broken arm (the bone had come out of the skin and he was not able to move his fingers). He was able to move his fingers after the prayer and then we prayed again, all the pain left and he could straighten his fingers and lift up his arm. He said it felt completely better.
(NB. There will be a healing service at School of the Spirit on Friday 9th July, 7.30pm. Everyone welcome)
Everyone doing the stuff!
Our aim is to encourage and equip people to extend the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven, wherever they are, whatever they're doing, whoever they're with. It's wonderful to see people we know leading others to Jesus and doing miracles. It's happening more and more regularly. One local woman said "A council man came to my door and I started telling him about Jesus. He let me pray for his arm and it was healed and then he asked Jesus into his life. I don't get out much but He's bringing them to me!!"
It's wonderful to see people being trained at School of the Spirit and then volunteering in the shop and the café and doing the miracles. Two volunteers prayed for a guy in the shop who had painful watery eyes. The problem left straight away. We've had so many conditions healed we've now lost count!
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