Treasures in the Garbage, Motorcycle Lights and Lightnings of God

Blessings from Nicaragua!
     The intoxicating presence in the lifestyle of love belongs to those Jesus purchased with His love, a love that freely gives us Him and with Him all things, according to the bible.  This is believed by so few yet available to all and what is even more wonderful is that we get to live that love out, giving Him drink as we do because He longs and yearns to love and we get the joy of experiencing Him as we do.  There is no circumstance that can stop the freedom of loving if that is the focus and motive of one´s life!!
                                                                               Treasures in the Garbage
     As I walked up the hill towards the garbage dumping area of La Chureca I saw the children and others looking through the garbage for something valuable to sell.  Thousands of mosquitoes swirled around them, dirty and ragged children and families swathed in scarves, some covering their mouths to keep from breathing the fumes.  Jobyna had asked me to take a few pictures and reluctantly I would do so.  Why reluctantly? I could imagine the shame one might feel being photographed in the garbage, even as they drank from some bottles with liquid left or eat scraps of food.  As I took a few pictures, my focus changed quickly to touch the souls of the people and bring HIs love to some.  One young man was supervising some children as they combed through the garbage and I looked at him and began to speak into his life, release words about his destiny and hugged him and gave him 100 cordobas, which is 5 American dollars.  I turned and saw 2 men the same age eating voraciously under a make shife 3 foot covering under the blazing sun.  I could not resist.  I walked up to them and at first they were not interested in seeing or hearing from me but as I declared the greatness of their nation and people and the life I came from and the goodness of God, the Spirit of God began to release words of knowledge over one of the men, in his mid twenties.  Right there under the sun, mosquitoes everywhere, a demented boy pulling my clothes, children covered with dirt staring at me with empty eyes from lonely hearts, I began to declare who he was and the thoughts of his heart.  I said this is your time and greatness is in you and before you.  He stepped out of the covering and stood tall and said to Pastor Jairo, ¨how did this man know all these things about me, it is all true¨.  The answer of course was God´s love for Him and declaring the love and power of Jesus Christ, he and all the others gave their hearts to God right there in the garbage.  We hugged, we prayed, and I gave them each 100 cordobas and we hugged again.  Treasures in the garbage, diamonds of hidden glory and destiny amidst the avalanche of flies, souls to be loved and called out to purposes oppressed by the darkness but waiting for the people of God to call out as they shine in the darkness where they belong.
     This all took place after we watched the school children try on their new uniforms in La Chureca.  In this nation, the students all wear the same uniform when attending school but for the kids in Collegio de Esperanza in the garbage dump of Managua, they have no uniform.  The chief of my son Damiens fire station gave funds to Jobyna  to purchase what the kids might need and Melissa suggested uniforms.  To see shame being erased and the sheer joy of the boys and girls as they put them on and posed for pictures was just one of the daily moments of enjoying this life in Him.  Each uniform cost about 10 dollars and there are 332 students and I told Melissa that we intend to clothe them all.  Imagine all this time, not one child had worn a uniform, we can change that when we have learned to love. 
                                                                   Motorcycle Lights and Lightnings of God
     What do you do when you are driving hours to a crusade in Leon that will be attended by many people only to run into the most intense thunder and lightning storm, torrential rains and then 10 minutes out of Leon, the power goes out in the whole city, cancelling the crusade just as you arrive?  The pastor is not there, the buses have not come, the people did not show up because of the storm.  Sitting in the truch with Pastor Harry and his wife, Pastor Jairo and Pastor Alvaro, a man comes to us saying we might as well leave as there is no crusade.  I live for moments like this.  Pastor Alvaro had asked me on the way if I would be disappointed if people did not show up because of the storm and my answer was simply. " I am having such a great time watching the most incredible lightning storm I have ever seen and I would go to Leon for one soul".  Strangely, he could not believe that!  That was before it was cancelled. 
     As the man told us that there would be no meeting, I noticed that there were people sitting in the darkness.  There are people who came here, I said.  There was a motorcycle on the grounds so I told the man to have the motorcycle come down the center aisle and I will call all the people up front and we would not let them go away because God came for them and I came to love.  There would be no turning around and going anywhere I told the guys, we give them our best, because He gave His best to love the one.  After 10 minutes of declaring the goodness, glory and power of Jesus Christ we called for the sick and invited His presence.  The greatest miracles of this trip happened last night in the cancelled crusade and as they began happening, people came under the weight of His glory and collapsed before God, enveloed in His love.  Many young people were mightily visited by God last night and Habakkuk 3:4 speaks of the power in Gods hands and one translation is the lightnings of God.  I told the people that you have seen the lightnings all night, the lights going out, cancelling the crusade but you are here and now you will see the light of His love and feel the lightnings of His power.  One woman said the last time I was there in Leon she had 3 balls in her chest that dissolved during the meeting but now she was healed of a problem in her womb.  Another man had bone pain, excruciating pain throughout his body, completely healed.  Another woman could not bend over, move her neck, had pain everywhere and in her knees, completely healed, squatting up and down, moving her neck around.  Another woman had some kind of disease of bones or blood, I forget and could not walk without pain.  She was completely healed.  And as you know in our meetings, when people get healed they have encounters with God, experience Him and get touched emotionally and other ways as well.  So as they testified, you could see them so under the presence of God, so overjoyed, so free, so excited.  Everyone was healed that was sick and there were 60 people and 20 of them healed.  People delivered from demon spirits, screamed, collapsed, and got up radiant.  Prophetic words over others released the life of God and power followed.  One woman was so delivered of a life of fear that she could not recognize the change in herself.  She was now bold and fiery, so I had her pray for others.  One woman had stomach disease, healed.  All pain left all the people and they came to him and were loved.  The deliverances were so precious, aaagh, to love, to love, to love.  Whether in the garbage dumps of La Chureca or Dario, or in a village, or walking down the street, or in TBN or in large churches, or in cancelled crusades, on in homes, or before thousands or playing a thumb game with one kid, it is all the same to me, we were born to be given away and love.  It is a lifestyle.
     There is of course more to tell but one more thing!  We went to Pastor Garcias church in Managua the night before and my wife Jana really felt that I should share about the glory of God.  As I prayed and before I could speak, God decided to bring Himself and we stood in that remarkable awareness of His glory that stuns you about Him, brings awe to your soul and opens Himself to your heart in that shining that lightens your soul with His perfections.  No one could move.  The glory of God was seen in the face of Jesus Christ and when Moses cried, "Show me Your Glory", God´s answer was to cause All His Goodness to pass by, all His goodness.  His glory is primarily declared through His love.  As that glory came, we called for the sick who were healed in His presence.  Most of them had fevers that vanished instantly and respiratory ailments that melted in His glory. 
                                                                                       And Now?
     Tomorrow at 4am we take a bus to San Jose, Costa Rica and then on to Sarchi.  I am going with Pastor Harry, Pastor Alvaro and Pastor Jairo. The vehicles we wanted to use were not legal enough to cross the border so we are going by bus, maybe 10-11 hours total.  I laughed and I laugh more these days when Brother Osorno, the TBN director, Presidential Candidate went to get a vehicle for us as he did not know that I had bought the bus tickets but had heard about the car situation.  He said he wanted to go with us and preach but had to entertain 40 americans at his house this sunday.  He said when he became President of Nicaragua that he would fly me around in the helicopter to go preach everywhere and would have Israelis as my bodyguards!!  That might or might not happen but whether by bus, by car, by foot, we are going to preach this glorious gospel, we are going to bring the gospel of the kingdom, we are going to embrace them one by one and be His heart extended.  We are going to love, shine in the darkness, be the thermostat not take the temperature, we are going to change the atmosphere and love.  So you are welcome to be a part of this not tomorrow, but today.  We thank those of you that have prayed and helped and I do not wait till I have what I need before committing to meet the needs, I step out, take risks and expect to meet the needs.  It comes in as I go so your love is needed now as it rises up in your hearts to see more and more of what you read every update of His doings.  Now we go to Costa Rica and there will be crusades, seminars, pastors, churches so join the party to pay for all of this and I know you will!!
                                                                           earl in Nicaragua

Earl and Jana Thurner 
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