Pray for El Salvador--Vessels of Honor Gathering Saturday July 31-A Turning Point In This Nation-14 year old boy murdered last week!



Pray for El Salvador--Vessels of Honor Gathering Saturday July 31-A Turning Point In This Nation

Greetings. I felt I should send the attached pictures to you and ask you to pray over them. This church is the site of the Vessels of Honor seminar this Saturday July 31, 2010.  Pastor Yuri is the host. I will have the honor and privilege to minister to hundreds and hundreds of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in this all day seminar. Those attending will represent tens of thousands in El Salvador (and perhaps Honduras and Guatemala) churches and ministries. There is a stronghold over this church and entire area; this is a spiritual battleground. I believe this Saturday will be a very significant day in the lives of these spiritual leaders who will attend and will have a major impact on this country. Having this many pastors and ministries represented in one place - "this place" - is an incredible accomplishment in this country. This church is located in a community which is said to be one of the worst in El Salvador for gangs, violence and killings. One month ago two pastors who attended a weekly prayer breakfast here, were kidnapped and murdered. Needless to say there is a spirit of fear gripping this community. Many pastors are "paying rent" to gang members to hold church services and the pastors lives, and the lives of their families are now being threatened by the gangs. Until recently the churches and ministers were "off limits" by self imposed restrictions by the gangs; that has changed.
Brother Rafael Madrid is our ministry contact and coordinator here. He also works with a ministry from the Atlanta Ga. area that generously provides funding for Brother Rafael to purchase and distribute monthly food supplies to the poorest of the poor. Most, if not all who receive this blessing, have many children. The fathers have either been killed or have abandoned their families; these women have no means of support. This past Saturday night Brother Rafael received word immediately following our Healing Service in Lourdes that a 14 year boy he knows personally had been killed by gang members. The boy was one of 8 children, 5 of which were with the mother. This innocent 14 year old was killed because he REFUSED to join the gang. The gang also threatened to kill the mother and ALL of her children. She had to take the children and flee for their lives. Brother Rafael is attempting to locate her through area pastors.
These strongholds must bow to the name of Jesus! These pastors and leaders are under intense stress and oppression.
If the Lord gives you a word for me, please feel free to share with me!
Thank you for your continued prayers!
Wilson Fauber-MorningStar/CMM Missionary in El Salvador


Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!


It is Monday morning, July 26, 2010. I am doing well in El Salvador, and I would like to thank you for your continued prayers for me and this ministry trip. My heartfelt thanks goes out to all who have sown into Arise International Ministries to make this trip possible.


I have had a very busy schedule since arriving last Thursday. Ministry opportunities to individuals, families, and church services are occurring daily.


July 24, 2010


Hundreds came to the Healing and Miracle service Saturday evening in Lourdes. Three large buses brought brothers and sisters in Christ to the service. Many others walked to the service, while those fortunate to have cars drove. Many received healings.


One of the most dramatic healings was of a young man around 18 years old who came forward for prayer as I called out healings for deafness or hearing impairment. This young man stated he had partial deafness in both ears. I laid hands on him and anointed him with oil, and he declared he was instantly healed. As my translator and I stepped away from him and whispered sentences to him, he was able to repeat all that I said to him from quite a distance! Praise the Lord!


Time limitations and a storm worked against us in this service. It gets dark here around 6:30 pm, and the seasonal daily downpour of rain came during this service. The darkened sky brought concerns to those in attendance because of their fears of returning to their homes in the dark. Lourdes is a crime ridden area with severe gang activity, violent crime, and almost daily murders. These dear people try to be in their homes and locked behind steel doors and iron bars by nightfall. The evening rain brought on the darkness early, and I sensed their attention had turned from the service to returning to the buses and the safety of their homes. I also knew the buses stop running at dark. Many attacks against the bus drivers have occurred recently with many drivers and passengers killed and gangs burning the buses. The service concluded early, but I was able to share a portion of my miracle healing testimony and pray with many in the alter area. As I quickly concluded the service, I asked all who needed a healing or a miracle to stand. I moved among the isles and laid hands on as many as I could reach agreeing with them in prayer for their healing.


Sunday July 25, 2010


Sunday morning I conducted a very powerful service in San Salvador with approximately 200+ in attendance. This was my first time ministering in this church. We experienced a tremendous freedom in the Holy Ghost in this service. Pastor Carlos did not place any restrictions on time and allowed me to minister as the Holy Spirit led. The service began at 10:00 am and ended around 1:00 pm. I shared a portion of my healing testimony and preached a challenging word from John 6:53-68 (many of the disciples turned back and did not continue to follow Him) and John 14:12 (where Jesus said that those who believe in Him will do even greater works than He did). It was an incredible time of ministry! This congregation received the word and His blessings. The Holy Spirit allowed me to flow in gifts of the Spirit, including the word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, and gifts of healings. I have rarely felt such an anointing and freely flowed in this service. I walked away from this service in awe of His power and might and was so thankful to be an instrument in His hands.


One couple came forward for prayer, and as I spoke over them through the word of knowledge about the call and ministry on their lives, they fell to the floor together like a ton of bricks. The Lord gave me a lengthy word for them about their ministry to couples, restoring of marriages, bringing healing and restoration to abused women, breaking strongholds of violence in homes, and touching multitudes of homes with an anointing of His love. These two were shaking, trembling, and crying for joy as the Lord confirmed this call and ministry. Again, this was my first time to this church, and I had no natural knowledge of this couple. The pastor told me after the service that this couple had been under a strong spiritual and physical attack in recent months, and it did not appear they would be able to continue in this ministry to couples. The pastor confirmed they are indeed called and have walked in the ministry the Holy Spirit revealed to me. This word brought healing, conformation, and comfort, and it restored this couple to their ministry. I laid hands on a man (later was told he also is a pastor) and called out the specific illnesses in his body. He was immediately healed and confirmed this after the service. This was a memorable service with MANY healings and changed lives, all for the glory of God!


Sunday evening July 25, 2010


We returned to Lourdes, this time to Pastor Jaime's church. Again, torrential rains poured down as the 5:00 pm service time approached and we traveled from San Salvador. We passed two women walking with an umbrella to the service as the streets turned to creeks and in places looked like rivers. There were approximately 250 in attendance, and what a time we had in the Lord!


His tangible presence brought such a peace and sweetness to this service. I ministered here in May and these dear people came expecting a mighty outpouring. As the rain poured outside (and also places inside), the Holy Ghost was poured out in this service. After an anointed time of praise and worship by the church team, Holy Spirit led me to continue to praise and to teach them how to host His presence. They joined me in praise and adoration of Jesus, and corporately we began to cry out for more of Him, more of His glory… and He came in power, might and in demonstration of His Spirit. This was unlike any service I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. The word the Lord gave me for them was that He wanted to TOUCH THEM, and He did.  As Pastor Jaime and I got down on our knees in His presence (I am sure many others did as well.    I was in such reverence to Him, I was afraid to look up), I called out for ministry to those oppressed with fear and tormenting spirits to step forward. Immediately the alter area was filled with men, women and children. Tears streamed down their faces and many trembled under the weighty anointing as the TANGIBILE presence of God flooded this building. These dear saints KNEW how to worship and they hungered for more of Him. The hunger for Him caused them to press in and in this anointing, deliverances, healings and miracles were occurring as they stretched their hands toward heaven, many on bended knees. Deliverance from oppression and spiritual bondage came to at least 15 people. People all over this sanctuary were falling under the anointing.  Many were healed of asthma and other infirmities and afflictions as the Holy Spirit revealed them.


I called for the children to come forward and prayed for at least 25 children ranging in age from babies to teenagers.  I led them in a prayer of salvation and they also prayed for the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Many WERE filled with the Holy Ghost. Many children were slain in the spirit and laid on the rough concrete floor worshipping. Many received a word of knowledge about the call of God on their lives. This was an unforgettable time of ministry, as the children came without reservation to Him. Curses were broken, chains of bondage were broken, and ministries were restored. These dear saints were edified, built up in their faith and sent out to proclaim His goodness and to be witnesses to Him.


There is so much oppression and spiritual bondage here in El Salvador. Many in the church have been directly involved in the occult (some still are), or their parents or ancestors have been or are actively involved in the occult. Sometimes ministering can be like running into a brick wall because the people have not been taught, have not been set free and are in such bondage. This darkness comes to the church services. Of course, you will find doubt and belief anywhere, but the darkness is not hidden here like it is in the USA; it can be seen in the eyes and faces of many and readily manifests in an anointed service.


We also find those who have been taught, those who come expecting, ready and eager to receive ALL that God has for them. They are not filled with pride. They do not care if they Holy Ghost over powers them and they fall to a dirt floor, concrete floor or hard tile floor. They openly weep in His presence, lift their hands in worship and RECEIVE. I AM SEEING SALAVATIONS, BREAKTHROUGHS, DELIVERANCES, HEALINGS AND MIRACLES!


Wilson Fauber 

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