FLOOD in AP India-Update from Pastor Samuel


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Dear Rev. Jorge

]Greetings in Jesus name. I am sad to let you know that., we have the flood and heavy rain since 7 days in our State of Andhra Pradesh and there is no stoppage for the rain and there was no way for us to come out of the houses due to heavy rain all the schools and government offices were closed for last few days. Well today my father in law Pastor Abraham and I have visited some of the flood affected places personally in our area and have seen the pathetic condition of the people and their suffering.  Well we have near by places called SRIRANAGA PATNAM, GADHA RADA, SANKARLA PUDI AND SEETHARAM PURAM were affected with flood all these places and houses, streets were with full of water and water has got inside of their rooms and houses. So people have no place to live. People belongings were gone in the water. In today's News paper I read due to flood there were 18 people died in these places.


Well people are suffering a lot and they have no way to go their houses and they don't have drinking water and food. All these Flood affected people are starving and looking for help they are going up to mountains and staying over there but it is still raining so even mountains also not help for them.  Some of the people in these villages are leaving their poor houses and going to the relative's houses so that they can be fed. Lots of people are not eating food. They have no clothes. All of their streets were with full of water. So please pray for this condition to be changed and rain to be stopped.


Well when we have seen this condition our hearts were moved and we are feeling and praying to help these flood affected people in a small way by giving Rice. Distributing Rice to the starving villages would some have will help them to feed their families for some time at least till the water to dry up. Please pass this news to others and ask their prayers as well. We need your love and prayers for this particular condition. I will wait to hear from you.


PS We have no way to go little deep of these place, so we could reach up to this place to take the pictures and there is much deeper streets which are affected and dipped in the water. Please watch these pictures to know the condition of the people.


Yours prayerfully


Pastor Sudarsanam Samuel

Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries

Gaddepalli- 533 294

East Godavari District.

AP S. India


PH.  9866258544




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