India: orphanage boys pictures and upcoming Independence Day

Editor's Note: be blessed by these great pix of what God is doing at one of our many places in India.  Read more at 
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You can have an active part in raising up and sowing into these young men with a divine destiny. 

Phi. 3:17 "Not that I seek the gift, but the fruit that abounds to your account."

Dr.Jorge and mother Anna Marie,

   How are you? This is Jai&Yori from India. Our daily prayers are with you.YOU ARE A GREAT CHANNEL OF  BLESSING FOR THE BOYS IN THE HOME and the ministry as whole. 
   We are very happy to share with you that little Benjamin's (orphan boy from the jungle)birthday was nice yesterday. We could encourage him during this little celebration as a family. He has been so happy. In spite of no earthly parents, God is his real father now. We are the family for him now.
    It is nice to see all our boys relating with him with one spirit. Praise God for that.
   At this time we want to deeply appreciate your faithful prayers, love and  support for the work of God here in India.
         We love you so much.
         Our daily prayers are with you always.
                                with a lots of love and gratitude,
                                 your brother and sister in Christ,

urgent prayer request: Please do pray for the forth coming evangelism on 15th of Aug.(our Independence Day). This is a great open door to reach many Hindu people. We want to print our own gospel tract titled 'TRUE INDEPENDENCE' written by Jai&Yori. And also we want to reach beggars and poor people with some food packets on this day as part of preaching the Gospel to the poor.
   We trust in the Lord for all expanses. Please we need your prayers. If any body want to be a blessing for this evangelism financially, please let us know. May the Lord bless you. Thanks.

Jorge Parrott
Missions Director
MorningStar/CMM Ministries
803-802-5544 x 392

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