India: Sudarnam Samuel PRAYER REPORT


Dear beloved Rev. Jorge

Greetings to you in the precious and wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am very much delighted to let you know that we had wonderful and REVIVAL Fasting and Prayer meetings last week from 22nd to 24th. There are nearly about 300 people came together from local churches to pray and spend time in the presence of the Lord. We have prayed for the people who are in problems, sick and for the new souls to be added into the body of Christ. We had wonderful time of Preaching from 3 guests speaks who were filled with Holy Ghost and led us in prayer and Preaching.  As I mentioned in my previous email, I have asked our churches to pray for you and ministry for your upcoming trip and we all have prayed for you. I hope you have prayed for the success of our meetings. Well as the result of your prayers and meetings there were 8 new people were have taken WATER BAPTISM and they were added into the body of Christ. Thank you for your love and valuable prayers for our Ministry. Know that God is doing wonderful things in India in our churches we see sick people were healed and lots of new people came to see what is happening and they were also astonished and they have decided to come to the church in coming weeks. Please continue to pray for us. We continue to pray for you. We had LOVE FEAST after three days fasting and prayer meetings.


Here with I am sending FASTING AND PRAYER meetings pictures for your kind information.


Yours prayerfully


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