News from Jason and Angie in Guatemala-Coming to Harvest Fest at MorningStar Sept. 29.





Yesterday we returned to Guadalupe, a mountain village that is very difficult to get to, (the dirt roads and rivers we have to cross are extreme) and the pastor of the only church there, (catholic) has given us his church to minister in!  Remember the Catholic Church here is nothing like it is in the US.  Christians and Catholics here are at war here in many areas and Catholicism is around 90% in Guatemala.




We are inside the church and ministered with dolls that have to faces, one face sad which tells the story before Jesus and one face happy that reflects after she found Jesus.



Guadalupe is the second most beautiful village we have been to.  The colors and beauty are amazingJ






The man sitting down in front has chronic arthritis and can hardly walk.  The Lord touched him in a big way in the church service and he came with us hut to hut to minister to others.  We are standing with him and believing in his total healing.




We will be back in the states Sept 22 and are looking for speaking opportunities.  Everyone one of our friends and family on this email list are such a special blessing and encouragement to us.  God Bless




Forerunner Ministry, Zacapa, Guatemala

Jason & Angie Christman

Christ Mandate for Mission



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