Brazil: floods and more on Jean Marc prayer requests

Pray for Brazil!


Dear Pastors & Friends,


I wanted to give you an update on the conditions in Brazil. I spoke with Jean Marc again today and he shared with me the serious conditions that are taking place in the Northern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro.  They are asking the nations to pray for the serious devastation that is taking place in that region right now. Jean Marc told me that it's one of the most serious catastrophies that Brazil has ever encountered. As you have probably seen or heard on the news, more than 500 persons have been killed with the flooding and mudslides as of today. He told me that this situation would be compared to what happened with Hurricane Katrina's devastation with the flooding. Of course we know many more died in Katrina, but the realities of a third country are much more difficult.


The hospitals there are not able to handle the many bodies that are coming in and many have had to be numbered and buried for fear of spreading of diseases. Many of the bodies have also been stored in refrigerated meat trucks to help preserve them until the hospitals can take some of them.  Some of the pastors that are involved in the crusade taking place in Sao Goncalo this week have lost family members and they are requesting that you cover them in your prayers also as they grieve their loved ones and find ways to help the survivors.



I want to make something clear to you, the crusades being held in Rio for this next month are not anywhere near where this devastation is taking place. The cities in the Northern part of Rio are up in the mountainous regions of that state and Jean Marc told me that they are about 1 ½ - 2 hours away.  Yes they are also receiving a lot of rain, but they have not experienced any flooding. Jean Marc told me also that they are now collecting food and water in the tent throughout the day and night in order to be able to distribute to those in that region that are without nourishment. This is the perfect opportunity to pray for Rio de Janeiro and for God to bring forth a mighty revival of His Power and Glory upon this place!


Back in October 2010, when Jean Marc was in a crusade in Chile, the Lord spoke to him and a few other Brazilian pastors there to take the revival tent to Rio de Janeiro and hold a month long crusade in four cities there. Without money, without resources and without knowing many pastors there, he and the others chose to obey the Lord and go and fulfill the mission that God gave them for that state. One thing you must understand, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most spiritual dark states in Brazil. Carnaval is greatly idolized there and it takes place during the month of January. Rio is home to one of the most dangerous drug controlled slums in the world. One month after the Lord gave them the assignment to go to Rio, there was a large uprising in many of the slums in Rio where the drug lords were fighting against the police. They were not allowing them to enter into their territories. The police raided many of the places and were able to take control of the situation.


All of these things are happening in the natural, but you can just imagine what's happening in the spiritual realm. As Jean Marc mentioned in his letter in November, God has given them favor with the mayor of Sao Goncalo who is a spirit filled woman of God, and a powerful intercessor. Together they are taking back this territory for Jesus! God wants the light to infiltrate the darkness in Rio de Janeiro. That's why we ask you to pray. When God calls us to go to a place He won't leave us stranded and without ammunition. Though there are needs to be met, God will always provide. Sometimes he allows opportunities for us to give so that we also can receive the blessings from the harvest.


Thank you for your prayers!


In Christ's Love,




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