Missionary update from Myanmar--Mice eat rice, people eat mice, vipers, and monkeys


Dear sir,

Please pray for us. please see our trip to border of Bangladesh and Myanmar in December 2010. last years the mouse destroy many rices in border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. they need rice for their lives. some people are kill mouse and eat it. I too eat. some tribe people does not have food so they went to jungle and kill monkey , viper and mouse  and eat it.  to unreached village, we spend four days  by foot to reached their village. there is no transportation at all. no churches, no school. But I believes that we can reach this people by the power of Holy Spirit and the power of gospel. they need Jesus. they need your prayer support. will you like to come and see this people. But you need to walk four days or five days by foot.
thank you for standing for us and with us.

Name withheld protecting our precious missionary.
***if you want to help dear friends breaking into cultures with the love of God, write Myanmar on your check and mail to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 or donate online at http://eaglemissions.org

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